Suggested Herbal Supports for Influenza/Influenza-Like Illness in the Event of a Pandemic | The Science and Art of Herbalism

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Compiled By: Lora Krall, Nurse Herbalist

With the recent incidence of seasonal influenza on the rise and the additional concern of possible coronavirus infections, the need for a list of possible options to support those who may become ill with these respiratory viruses is essential.  This list is by no means complete but is designed to offer the herbalist a list of options in order to support those of a specific disadvantage due to (race, socioeconomic conditions, isolation, gender, ethnicity, etc..), in situations of possible limited availability of certain plant preparations and to expand the list of options for those in your care.  In the event of a pandemic, herbalists will be KEY supports to our communities.  It is wise to be prepared.

Additionally, none of these herbal suggestions are meant to be sole support for someone who is ill.  In order for herbs to really support the body, some…

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