Sage Moon Cycle Lunar Report

Spirit de la Lune Sage Moon Lunar Report

This is the first official New Moon of the New Year and can bring about some intense emotions and dynamic mood swings.

This New Moon is square Uranus which can cause some big changes, unpredictable energy and intense moods.

This New Moon is in Aquarius and Capricorn depending on your location and time zone. Aquarius gives you an imaginative outlook and Capricorn can help you focus that into something tangible!

A new moon marks the end of the last 28 day cycle and the first day of the new one. This is a great time to set intentions for the cycle ahead. Each month using our Tune to the Moon Planners and Decks as our guide we put together the Moonthly Lunar Report to help us navigate the new moon cycle ahead.

Grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage and scroll down to see what this new moon cycle has in store for you!

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3rd Moon of Winter 2020

Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix –Greetings Dreamers, Healers, Artists and Empaths… we have now completed Mid-Winter and begin our final moon of winter on Friday, January 24, 2020. It is also the time of the Chinese New Year, on Saturday, January 25th (for those who follow the Divination and the Wisdom of the Tao). And its the moon cycle of Valentine’s Day in the very independent and humanitarian lover of Aquarius, and the very personal love of the Full Moon of Leo February 9th. This month, remember that when our soul talks, it speaks loudest with chaos.

Those of us who follow the River of Life (not the Tree of Life), belong to the Flowing Golden River that rules our Soul. This is an older time, before God, before the Sun God into the primordial dusk and dawn of the Midnight Sun, called the Sun Goddess. In Slavic traditions she is shown…

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Using a Manifestation Box to Supercharge Your Desires

Spirit de la Lune Lunar Eclipse
Spirit de la Lune Wolf Moon Eclipse


This Lunar Eclipse is a big one. You will find it will have some personal impacts in your own life, and you might notice some big things going on in the world this weekend.

This full moon in Cancer is the Wolf Moon. This is a pretty intense Eclipse! The full moon is opposite the sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. This is especially intense as we are building up for Saturn-Pluto conjunction taking place on the 12th of January.

We’ve likely all been feeling the Saturn Pluto conjunction building for a few weeks now … On a global level, we are likely to see some big shifts within our governments, the economy and other surprising political news.

On a personal level, you might find out some unexpected news, or feel a call to get real with yourself so you can reach some of your long term goals. This Lunar Eclipse is a very powerful one when it comes to setting intentions and making your dreams come true.

For tonight’s Full Moon Eclipse Ritual we are featuring a DIY on creating your own manifestation box.

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Gemstone Gem Notes: Garnet Meaning and Properties

Good Witches Homestead

The deep, glossy red color of garnet resembles the juicy seeds of a pomegranate, which is perhaps why its name is derived from the Latin word granatum, meaning pomegranate seed. In Greek mythology, a pomegranate was often given as a gift of passion and associated with eternal love. In ancient history, travelers wore garnet gemstones because they were believed to light up the night and provide protection from nightmares and accidents.

Garnets were used in burial jewelry and carved signet rings to proclaim royalty during the Bronze Age (300 BC). Garnets were one of the most popular gemstones of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, as revealed in the stunning jewelry and sword fittings in the Staffordshire Hoard because they believed the blood-red stone improved their fighting prowess.

In the middle ages, garnet was commonly believed to guard against poison. Royals would often drop a garnet gemstone into a glass of…

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Ritual for the Burning of the World

The Druid's Garden

As I write these words, fires are ravaging Australia. It’s a bleak situation, ecologically and politically. The firest at this point are about the combined size of the entire state of West Virginia and are all through the entire continent, particularly along the coasts. Ecologically, this is a disaster with severe and long-ranging consequences for Australia and the world. While billions of lives have been consumed in the fires (animal, insect, bird, fish, reptile, amphibian, plant and fungi), the Guardian reports that it is likely that numerous species will go extinct from the fires because sites that house critically endangered species are all burning—in some cases, all of the protected habitats of these species are on fire. The situation in Australia is being made worse by current Australian leadership, who, rather taking a firm stance on climate change and human causes, instead are digging in their heels and pandering to…

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2nd Moon of Winter 2019

Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix – Greeting dreamers, healers, artists and empaths, we begin our Second Moon of Winter on Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2019. We move from a fire element to an earth element, so our groundedness will be supported energetically. The serious and somber Capricorn moon expresses its opposition in the Cancer energy and that makes for a month of support, nurturing and winter activities.

Home, family, personal responsibility, reaping of autumn’s harvest, tradition, authority and celebrations of Midwinter all infused in our memories, our emotions and our desire. This is a cycle of striving for stability, unless there is a bucket of planets in Capricorn which can make the energy a little more unstable. In this moon cycle, we do have a bucket. (see chart below)

Whatever you are working on right now for your health, improvements in your behaviors, commitment to disciplines, better communication, the solstice time helps us find…

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Energy Update

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Energy Update Spirit de la Lune

Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse!

This Solar Eclipse brings us good news, good luck and new growth. This New Moon activates and aligns with Jupiter trine Uranus which brings us luck and positive change.

This Solar Eclipse is conjunct Jupiter which makes it a very positive cycle. Jupiter is associated with expansion, prosperity and growth. This good fortune is enhanced by the trine to Uranus making it a very exciting time!

This eclipse marks the end of the eclipse cycle that began in July this last summer. It marks the beginning of a new eclipse cycle that will last until June 2020, making this the perfect time to begin a fresh start. Write out your intentions, goals and choose word of the year for the coming new year! The current Jupiter Trine Uranus and Solar Eclipse will help you discover where you need this growth the most!

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse takes place on December 25th or December 26th depending on your location. This eclipse is conjunct Jupiter which brings us a sense of optimism, generosity and good luck. There are many opportunities for growth right now in your personal and professional lives.

This new moon solar eclipse is an exciting one. Not only are we offered new opportunities, we can also sense the good fortune and positive changes up ahead.

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Moons of the Winter Solstice

Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix the Elder –The three moons of Winter has had many symbols over the millennium, both light and the harshness of the winter itself. Death shown here, plays with the magician, the sorcerer, the clown, the trickster and the clown. Illustration is De Kapelle der Dooden by Abraham a Sancta Clara in 1741.

Skeleton symbolism has always represented the core bones of who we are, its symbolized what is left of us after we pass on and its represented humanities condition in the world, where we are left abandoned and the hardships of starving, longing desperately for union with a nourishment from heaven and earth.

For most that is hard to imagine in the golden age 1950 to present around the world in all countries, but if that changed, then we would truly understand what it meant. For some like Syria pr Ukraine right now, or other…

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The Energies of December 2019

Good Witches Homestead

2019 has not been an easy year for many people; there has been a lot going on and often some very difficult things to deal with along the way.

The energetic flow for December looks set to provide us with a grand climax to the roller coaster journey we have all been on this year. One that will help us finally shed the old worn-out shells of what we have believed about ourselves in favor of a permanently more expanded perspective.

Transformation, Truth, Alignment and Purpose are some of the exciting potentials held within the energetic construct this month. Over the next few weeks take the opportunity to gather the threads of everything that you have been working on over the past 12 months and then give yourself permission to move beyond it.

The transformational momentum of the current energy flow will support you all the way through this final…

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Astrorisa Moon Forecast ~Gemini Full Moon 12/12/2019

The Cold Moon 
Astrorisa Moon Forecaster

Thursday, December 12 2019
Time: 12:12 AM EST
Moon 19° Gemini, in House 9
Sun 19° Sagittarius, in House 3
Ascendant 25° Virgo 

Welcome to the last full moon of the year, the Cold Moon and Gemini Full Moon. This will be a fiery moon time with lots of impatience, ideas, and determination moving throughout this lunar season. Quick action,  and rapid thoughts comes with Gemini which is ruled by Mercury and associated with Eshu and Ibeji. These cosmic energies during this moon time indicate what we speak on, what we ask to receive or release can happen in two-fold. The sun is in the sign of Sagittarius, a fire sign ruled by Jupiter and associated with both Obatala and Ososi. Thus the warriors are showing up within this moon time in full force along with some element of grace and divine protection. Those who pave the way for change, who make rules, laws, and enforce the laws are very important players during this moon time. The fallacies and shadiness of past untruths will have a brilliant light shown upon its treacherousness and acts of treason will also be exposed during this time.

However, this moon time also indicates many prayers being answered, success in business, goals, relationships, and money ventures. If we’ve put in the work or begin to put in the work many blessings begin to manifest. Keeping promises, and avoiding the breaking of laws and oaths is important during the next 27 days, December 12, 2019- January 8, 2020.
Victory, self-defense, preparing for hard work, and unexpected demands. In other words, it ain’t over ’til it’s over. These are some themes of this moon time. Pay close attention to house 4 in your personal chart due to its stellium in Capricorn the archetype of Obaluaiye. This means there are 4 or more planets in house 4 and in the sign of Capricorn. What is wishy-washy and unstructured in your life at this time? How stable and healthy are your relationships, your mind and your body?  Both house 4 and the Capricorn sign is heavily activated during this moon time. How is your personal home, family life, family history affecting your house 3 and house 9 which are ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius? Is there a loving relationship or a war between close friends, siblings and co-workers? How are you communicating, what are you giving attention to or researching?
This moon time is also about re-evaluating what you should be placing your energies towards. Are we focusing on a positive outcome to a challenging situation? Are we putting in the work? During this moon time, we must be careful of becoming stubborn, and big headed. And constraining against not taking necessary advice, if we want to reach some level of success.
In addition to acquiring victory if we work hard for it, this moon time also speaks of multiple forms of transformation. Yes, this is definitely a transformative lunar time. Many of us have been ready to cut ties, leave an issue or person(s) behind. However, that may not be enough to do because this transformative lunar based energy has a strong spiritual component to it. Moon squaring Neptune allows us to empower ourselves through our search for spiritual understanding, which leads to transformation without fear. Neptune sextile Pluto allows us to get ready to deal with deep levels of transformations and address our reservations or fears if we have them. This moon time will take us on a personal and collective journey of renewal in some form or fashion. If we do the work, we can become spiritually vibrant and young at heart again.
Self Control, Determination, Avoiding Arguments, Bitterness, Disputes and Lies.
Cowardness, and being 2-faced. These are more of the main themes regarding this month’s full moon challenges we’ll work to avoid or to keep in check.
Manifesting the qualities of Obatala during this moon time can be our saving grace.
Gemini Full Moon Ceremony: To create a space of worthiness. The question to ask ourselves before starting our ceremony is “What Am I Worth Receiving”?
Gemini will over think and analyze a situation but sometimes has trouble getting to the heart of the matter. This moon time is about getting to the heart of the matter, not only through hard work but with intuitive spiritual insight. 
Items Needed:
Wash 9 coins either quarters or dimes.
Cleanse 1 white candle short or tall encased in glass.
1 small glass of water
a white cloth
Write down 9 reasons why you are worthy to receive blessings and or worthy to be released from something that will open you up for blessings.
After taking a bath or shower and dressing in white. Perform the full moon fill em up ceremony.
Go to your sacred space for moon ceremony work, speak into your glass of water a prayer of thanksgiving. Set the glass on the white cloth.
 Each coin represents one of the nine reasons why you are worth to receive a blessing. Take each coin and separately dip it into the glass of water and speak which one of the nine reasons of worthiness, that coin represents.
 When you’re finished you should have a circle of coins surrounding your glass of water. Now place your white candle next to the water glass and invision yourself moving toward satisfaction. When you are ready light the candle and allow the flame to ignite your prayers.
Leave the candle to burn for 1 hour then extinguish it. Allow your ceremony space to sit undisturbed for 3 days then take it down. Give the coins away to someone in need or to a child. Discard the candle and pour out the water.
Have a powerfully transformative and graceful Full Moon Time
Iya Bisi Ade
 All forecasts and ceremonies by Orisa Yemoja