Third New Moon of Winter

Elder Mountain Dreaming @gmail

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain –Greetings and welcome Dreamers, Artists, Healers, Singers, Soul and Moon Lovers! We are now entering our last and final moon cycle of Winter, which includes a partial Solar Eclipse on Thursday February 15, 2018 @ at 27º Aquarius(traditionally the Pisces New Moon). For the newbies here, see the link at the very bottom for instructions of how to work with this lunar work-study.

If our dreaming and visions can find some harmony with our practical mundane life, we may find some agreeable unity during transitional times. Transitions always involved a relationship between the self and our soul, between others and our desires, between our nature and the earth’s nature. It is here we step a little closer to our authentic self or further away into worry or any name for fear. Practices make us aware, so we can regain our balance during times…

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The Energies of February

Good Witches Homestead

The start of February is the midpoint between the December solstice and the March equinox, an occasion traditionally marked by the Celtic fire festival Imbolc, a celebration that honours the slowly returning light in the northern hemisphere. The corresponding festival for those in the southern hemisphere is Lammas, which traditionally celebrates the gathering in of the first fruits of the year’s harvest and serves as a reminder to conserve inner resources for the approaching autumn/winter season. So where ever you may be in the world, the beginning of February is a good time to pause, breath and connect with nature in gratitude for the season’s offerings.

On January 31st we had a powerful full moon lunar eclipse that will most likely already have provided you with illumination on some of the themes likely to be resonating for you in February’s energy flow.

Not only was this event a super moon…

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Leo Super Moon Forecast ~ January 31, 2018

By Iya Olusoga – Bisi Ade, Astrorisa Moon Forecaster

January 31, 2018
Total Full Moon Eclipse – Super Blue Red Leo Moon
Wednesday, January 31 2018, 08:28 AM EDT

Welcome to this special moon time which last visited us 150 years ago. This is a blood red moon because it is the 3rd moon in the trilogy of full moons Dec.3rd, Jan.1st, and Jan. 31st . It is a blue moon because it is the 2nd full moon in the month of Jan. It is a Super moon because of its distance to earth, and it is a full moon eclipse.

Please DO NOT do a full moon fill em up during this moon time. Instead we’re given a special ceremony to do just for this moon time which is shared in this video.
Let’s get ready for this full moon season.

Bee’s Wax Pearls of Plenty & Prosperity

The Witch & Walnut

PEARLS OF PLENTY & PROSPERITYBee’s wax pearls of plenty and prosperity are used as a talisman that can be worn or hung in your home.

These are to help attract and keep prosperity to you, whatever that might look like to you. We all have different ideas of how we view prosperity and what that means to us and how it can change our lives for the better.

These beads are made from 100% beeswax, that have been kneaded by my hands that I warm up over a candle flame. This takes a long time and it doesn’t happen fast! Patience and time is needed and well worth the effort if you want to make these for yourself. It is important that the wax piece itself not get heated directly over the flame, but rather heat your hands with the element of fire. Molding the wax with your own body heat and flame with…

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Wild Witch-Crafting With Peony Flower Ants Part 2

The Witch & Walnut

Wild Witch Crafting With Peony Flower Ants Part 2No peony plant is without its ants, I know this can be bothersome for some but for this Witch…. its gold! Peonies don’t need ants to bloom, they will absolutely bloom on their own without them, so don’t worry about removing them, your blooms with be just fine.

The ants are used mostly in spell work to remove blockages and personal spiritual manifestation.

Ideally you will want to work outside and use live ants but you can dip the flowers in water and the ants will fall off. At that point you can dry them out and crush them up and use them indoors. Otherwise plan to work outside. These little ants don’t get enough love, they work hard to gather, eat and take away that beautiful sweet nectar that leaves us with a bloom a little earlier than expected.  There are plenty of ants so don’t be afraid of…

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Wild Witch-Crafting With Peony Blooms, Root, Seed & Ants – Part 1

The Witch & Walnut

Wild Witch-Crafting With Peony Blooms, Root, Seed & Ants - Part 1Peonies are a long time favorite of mine in spell work. Each part of the plant from root to bloom and the little ants on top are all magic. Peony plants are are a hardy perennial in my neck of the woods. They can easily live for a 100 years which makes them ideal in workings that require longevity, grounding, stability, working with ancestors. Peony seeds also make a wonderful offering when working with spirit guides and past loved ones.

Keeping seeds on you and the corners of your property and interior of your home are highly protective, they can be made into a bracelet and worn. Bringing a peony plant or its seeds is also a regarded as a treasured gift to the receiver.

Peony root is a strong cleanser I like to use it for expelling and clearing the way, creating ease, flow, moving things to create clarity…

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Gem Jewelry…

Good Witches Homestead

Gemstones are a great way to help me relax, gain focus, and ground myself. No better surprise than to find the gemstone you slipped into your pocket as a little good luck charm when your eyes were barely open at six AM, giving you that afternoon boost you need!

Gemstones are special because they each hold specific unique powers that can aid you with your own, likewise specific needs. Sometimes you might be drawn to the beauty of their color, or weight for no particular reason; that’s awesome too! The connection may come later as you spend time familiarizing yourself with your new gems!

When I wear gem jewelry I feel a sense of comfort and protection, a magnetic beauty and confidence. Most of all I love the feeling of first slipping my bracelets onto my wrists and letting the cool tranquility of their weight ground and calm me.

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Moon Astrology

Elder Mountain Dreaming @gmail

Lunar Astrology by Phoenix – In the seasons of the Moon, our Moon sign separates and is also joined within our life, which the Greeks called the action of synafae and aporroicae. All the signs in which she enters or departs, she can depart from the many and is joined by the many aspect of life, becoming our mirror. Whatever star (sign) she is found, she bears towards that unity; like water… this is our moon sign.

Look to what degree the ruler aspects her or is in the same house with her. Having grasped the preceding astrological influences, you will be able to explain the whole fate of a human within her true nature. This is what the north and south nodes reference to within our moon sign, our karma, our destiny and our fate that is always moving like the moon each night and day.

full moon.jpg

At the…

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The word incense comes from the Latin ‘ incendere’ meaning “to burn”. Incense has been found in every culture and civilization. Most of incense burning is done for religious purposes, but was also used for medicinal purposes, perfuming an area, time keeping, an aphrodisiac, aesthetic purposes or just any ceremonial purposes. Why is incense so widely used around the world? What is the true purpose of incense? To get the answers we must go to Ancient Egypt.

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Luck is seemingly random events that happen to us all. If the events are good, we see them as good luck. If the events are bad, we see them as bad luck. Witches and Wizards know they create their own luck. They will set intentions, take action and luck happens. When you sit and do nothing, bad luck is normally what you get. Things happen to you instead of making things happen.

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