Crystals for Venus Retrograde 2018 /

Venus goes retrograde from October 5th (in Scorpio) to November 15th (in Libra) and promises to be a deep dive into our inner selves, our hearts, psyches, and relationships.

Venus (aka. Inanna in Sumerian mythology) in retrograde is an archetypal story of descent into the underworld, death, and rebirth or resurrection. She descends in the sky as the evening star, before going invisible, re-emerging some time after as the morning star.

It’s a beautiful journey of self-discovery, getting clear on who you are and what you truly, deeply want, healing and letting go, and then resurfacing, having more fully reclaimed your authenticity and power. Especially when it comes to relationships and pursuing your heart’s true desires.

Fresh start as a new you — but first you’ll have to go through the journey. There will be challenges, the facing of fears and deep truths, and a price to pay along the way.

“Let’s put it like this: If Romeo and Juliet was an astrological transit, it would have been Venus Retrograde in Scorpio.” – Astro Butterfly

Given that the first 25 days of this 40 day cycle take place in Scorpio, ruler of sex, death and the underworld, keeper of secrets, many are promising this phase to be one of deep, life-changing transformation.

The last 15 days of the cycle take place in Libra, ruler of justice, balance, and reason, helping to usher forth greater clarity, revision, resolution, and fulfillment.

Our inner Venus is diving back into the underworld, bringing us closer to our heart center and heart’s desires, and bringing up the pain we need to heal and release along the way. We’re never the same after, we’re not supposed to be: it’s a story arc as old as time that can be found pretty much in any book, fable, or tale you’ve ever read.


Venus: goddess of love and relationships, beauty, beautiful things, art, personal wealth and belongings

Scorpio: death, sex, finances, taboos, secrets, desires, legacy, the psyche

Libra: relationships, balance, harmony, fairness, reason


Relationships being tested

Review and re-evaluation of your love life and relationship patterns

Venturing into the unknown or being pushed out of your comfort zone

Period of challenges and testing that results in a fulfillment of wishes

Seduction, temptation, obsession

All-consuming, deep love

Powerful attraction

The return of past loves and unfinished business

Facing the shadow self

Archetypal or symbolic death

Intense transformation

Going deep into your inner realm

Fate and fated events

Deep personal discovery + transformation

Figuring out how to have your needs met (or revisiting why they’re not)

Returning to your heart center

Emotional rebirth

Seeing the reality of your role in relationships

A new and better you emerging


Fulfillment of your deepest desires or greatest wishes


While this phase may be unsettling for many, shake ups are oftentimes of service to us because they help us to see what we’ve been missing, get clear on what’s important, and get back on track in a way that is deeper, more fulfilling and meaningful.

I can certainly count a couple of Scorpio moons or phases whereby giving up what was no longer serving me and letting go (a symbolic death of things), I was able to move forward on a path that felt more authentic, abundant, and ultimately MUCH happier.

The deeper you are willing to go, and the more honest you are willing to be, the more I suspect you’ll benefit from this phase.

The following crystals can support you on this journey. I have made recommendations on how to work with them for each individual crystal.


covellite /


The underworld, the hidden and unseen, the long dark night of the soul, this is a crystal that allows you to go deep into the psyche and face the shadow, so that you can reclaim the power or treasure that’s been buried there. It is a stone of true mastery, it’s a badass, and if you’re on your own path of mastery, WORTH IT.

Hold it while meditating on the phase and its meaning for you, while journeying, journaling, or in your “come to Jesus” moments. As it’s an intense crystal I do not recommend wearing daily or sleeping with it.


lapis lazuli /


A crystal associated with death and the dead, and gods and goddesses since ancient Sumerian times. It is a stone of mystical power, intuition, insight and clarity, as well as deep heart and soul centered knowledge based in this life and lives past.

Wear daily to become more intuitively self-aware and self-responsive, or sleep with it at night to receive dreams and omens.


rubellite /


A powerful heart-stone of love, heart-centered living and choices, the sacred and cherished, heart healing, deep passion, and alignment with your true desires and with the cosmos.

Wear this crystal daily, make a crystal tonic, meditate with it or sleep with it at night if you’re ready to go deep and co-create powerful, positive change and transformation during this phase.


rose quartz /


For comfort.

Hold or wear for moments when you need to feel more loved or held throughout this process. Rose quartz’s loving vibe will help center and soothe your emotional being.


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