Astrorisa Moon ~ June New Moon

Written by Iya Olusoga ~ Bisi Ade
For Astrorisa Moon Forecaster
June 23, 2017
Cancer New Moon 2° in House 5
Sun in Cancer 2° in House 5
10:31 PM EDT


Over worked, making important decisions, balancing our emotions, proper timing, spiritual insight, cooperation, fanaticism, intense dreams, the home (comfort zone), fear, insecurity, a need to pay attention to red flags, healing, pleasures of life, and spiritual assistance.

Welcome to the Cancer New Moon
Welcome to the Cancer New Moon, Osupa titun fun Yemoja!! And Happy Summer Solstice to Everyone!! We have arrived at the 2nd cardinal season of the year. with another stellium (4 or more planets) in the sign of Cancer. Time for our 2nd renewal, and rejuvenation program to begin, what shall that look like? Only we can determine that, but we have until autumn to make some important changes for ourselves, so let’s get busy with this new moon time.
Cancer, an archetype of Yemoja is that part of our soul make-up that looks to care for our home base, it determines our needs, and gives attention to those aspects of ourselves and our relationships which require healing, repairing, even transforming. Cancer 2° delves into the great mysteries of life, and will explore its relationship to others; defining their harmony and balance. It does this to determine that relationship’s realism or its falsehood. Cancer 2° and its entire 1st Decan, is not easily fooled, because it is developing a very strong BS radar as it moves through the remaining 8°. House 5, the house of family members, personal interests, and personal pleasures is the house this moon currently resides in.
House 5 (Leo ruled) is a fixed energy, and Cancer is a cardinal energy, we can better identify our problems and are more likely willing to fix them. Also, with the moon’s placement in house 5, our collective consciousness is imprinted with messages for us to ‘sit back’, ‘relax’, and ‘discover’ what brings us emotional satisfaction. Don’t be surprised if that is what you seek at this time, ’emotional satisfaction.’ This lunar position will also have us thinking of ways to express our creativity, and engage in self-actualization. Our family, especially young members are likely to get more of our attention, this attention getting also applies to our pets. We can find ourselves wanting to spend more time doting on them, and relishing in their expressions of happiness and joy. Many emotional changes come with this moon time, including our own acts of self-expression. If you are normally hesitant in expressing your feelings, this Cancer Sun/ Moon time will crack, or break that silent mold for you. You’ll likely find yourself speaking more assuredly, and communicating without hesitation what you think, want, like, and don’t like. Anticipate your children doing the same…because everyone is “Big Mama” during this new moon time.
Important Dates: July 2nd & July 7th
July 2nd:  Up to this point, those who have had misunderstandings and miscommunication or fall outs with others may find it difficult to resolve those issues now. July 2nd is a day which brings many forms of blockages to our progress, and these obstructions intensify. People trying to join together, trying to make deals, and connections, are heavily blocked. This day has a strong Ogun energy manifesting within it. The late hours of 10:50 pm – 1 am have a reckless Ogun vibration.
 This day isn’t an auspicious date for the beginning of marriages or contracts. Get a reading before making a commitment of any kind. This date also brings with it, secret meetings which can lead to unfavorable outcomes, and information or letters of concern can arrive. The (+) aspects of this day is that what is currently troublesome, has a strong probability for resolution in the days or weeks to come. But have a witness when discussing or agreeing to anything.
June 12th pinnacle lunar date from the May 25th forecast running until June 22nd
June 12th pinnacle lunar date from the May 25th forecast running until June 22nd
Have a safe, comforting, healing, and an open road New Moon Time!

First New Moon of Summer

Oak Tree ~ June 10th-July 17th ~ Celtic Astrology

Good Witches Homestead

Summer Solstice ( Alban Hefin )

Celtic Symbol: The White Horse or The Golden Wheel

Zodiac Degrees: 18º00` Gemini – 14º59` Cancer

Ruling Planet: Jupiter – Jovyn; Mars; Element: Water; Metal: Gold; Color: Gold

Ancient Gods Associated With Jupiter: Greek – Zeus; Celtic – Dagda; The Green Man, Janus, Diana, Cybele, Hecate, Pan

Symbolism: Sovereignty, rulership, power, Strength & Endurance, Generosity & Protection, Justice & Nobility, Honesty & Bravery

Stone: Diamond, Aventurine

Flower: Coltsfoot

Song Birds: Oriole, Wren

Folk Names: Jove’s Nuts, Juglans

The Druidic religion was reputedly based on the oak-cult mythology and all ancient thunder-gods were associated with the oak tree. There is evidence to suggest, however, that the oak-cult was imported into Britain from the Baltic regions during the Bronze Age; and although it became the principal sacred tree of the Druids, the rowan, willow, elder, and alder cults were already established. As Druidism evolved, the significance of the…

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Third Full Moon of Spring

Elder Mountain Dreaming

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain –Greetings dreamers, artists and moon people, we enter the final Full Moon of Spring on June 9, 2017 in the sign of Sagittarius at 18 degrees. We finally made it to the last stages of the Spring Season. I teach the three moons of each of the four seasons in their perspective of what they offer us in the ways of our emotional growth, intuition and dreaming gifts.

The final moon of a season, is always the dark moon phase. This is where all things are revealed and a small amount of what is contained in our inner world is revealed (mirror medicines). Lunar work is very slow and steady, because our soul contains our eternal lives and energy from all of our past and our past lives, so its potent.

When you’re feeling anxious or worried; practice patience.
The key of patience always opens…

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Full Eclipse August 21, 2017 – Regulus in Virgo: The New Mythmaker Begins

Elder Mountain Dreaming


Compiled by Phoenix of Elder Mountain (with many contributors) – I have been a astrologer since I was seventeen, a dedicated one, along with my great devotion and devotee of the Moon. I have learned through observation and trail and error that Eclipses are not personal, they are collective that effects the whole but not everyone. Such is the tale of Regulus who I see as the great Archseraphim of an entire “age” bestowing collective blessings.

When an old eclipse comes around and it includes the fixed star Regulus by fate and destiny it changes and heralds a new era, a four thousand year era in this case. Regulus was named by Polish astronomer Copernicus (1473-1543), as a diminutive of the earlier Rex, equivalent to the (Greek) Basiliskos meaning “Little King” (coined by the second-century Greek astronomer Ptolemy). Regulus when its fated, heralds a new time for the next four thousand years…

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Grand Fire Trine, Sagittarius Full Moon 6-9-2017


Sagittarius Full Moon

This full moon is shaping up to have the heady swiftness of the last new moon, another Grand Fire Trine forming with the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini. This fire trine forms between Saturn in Sagittarius at 24 degrees, Uranus in Aries at 27 degrees, and the North Node in Leo at 27 degrees.

Trines increase the velocity of energy, so we can expect relevant events affected by these planets and hours to increase in speed and impact. In the case of the node, the head of the dragon where our karmic future lies in the sign of creative expression and fun, now might be a nice time to engage ourselves in the drama of the moment. All the world is a stage — so act accordingly to make the most of it! With the moon sharing space with Saturn, the lord of restraint and constraints, it…

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Planetary Influences ~ Magpie’s Magic Nest

Via Magpie’s Magic Nest


Full Moon 9 June 2017 ~ Magic Wound ~ Darkstar Astrology

via Full Moon June 2017 ~ Magic Wound by Darkstar Astrology

The Full Moon on 9 June 2017 falls at 18º Sagittarius decan 2 The Full Moon June 2017 forms part of what the Huber school called an irritation triangle. This can cause sudden fits of anger. Since Pluto and Ceres are plugged into the ‘irritation’, outbursts in the collective will reveal where there have been abuses of power in relation to children or the vulnerable. We could see where the unscrupulous have made money out of human trafficking.(Eg exploiting boatloads of migrants across the Mediterranean at a great risk to those migrants lives.)The fixed star for this Full Moon is Sabik, found in Ophuichus, a favorite of occultists.

Full Moon June In Sagittarius 2

This Full Moon June is great for natural healing, especially when it comes to women’s health, genetics and midwifery. Breeding and DNA are a theme here as the serpents symbol so closely resembles the double helix and the caduceus of Mercury is also highlighted. There is also a certain amount of deception too however… The forked tongue of the snake makes itself felt here in the form of jealousy or spiteful rumors. Sabik is problematic generally, so the lunar energy makes it hard for us to clarify truth from fiction. What is certain though, is the ability to conjure up fanciful stories! These tales are so dramatic and entertaining, that in the end no one cares if they are actually factual or not. Maybe the fiction contains an element of truth that is eternal, like a myth.

The Moon has some dignity in Sagittarius 2. One of its unique abilities in this position is to unify desperate elements together in order to fulfill as specific goal. Moon in Sagittarius 2 is rather like a blinkered horse. That way it won’t be tempted, or detracted by the forbidden fruit of temptation. Austin Coppock warns of Moon in Sagittarius 2’s “greater powers of concentration and focus.” as it also carries with it “the potential for monomania, and its gift of perseverance will fortify the fools quest as well as the sages errand.” At the same time I do think this Full Moon’s healing potential is best channeled into a single goal. Otherwise the Moon’s power here can sour Sagittarius 3’s healing medicine, if it is allowed to run amok and not funneled positively.

Full Moon June ~ Fixed Star Sabik

Now we will see why we have to be so careful with this Full Moon June’s magical potential. Sabik, is a star on the right leg of the Serpent Bearer or more famously the so called 13th sign Ophuichus. Generally “When Ophiuchus, encircled by the serpent’s great coils, rises he renders the forms of snakes innocuous to those born under him. They will receive snakes into the folds of their flowing robes, and will exchange kisses with these poisonous monsters and suffer no harm.” [1] Robson doesn’t seem to like Sabik saying “It causes wastefulness, lost energy, perverted morals, and success in evil deeds.” [2] These ‘evil deeds’ are probably to do with the use of magic as manipulative sorcery. But in the case of good-hearted seers who use the Tarot or other means of divination, including astrology, they should have the ‘success’ without them being branded as ‘evil’. Sabik’s potential for ‘evilness’ depends on which planet this star falls on.
Full Moon June 2017

Full Moon June 2017 Aspects

Moon opposite Ceres is the aspect equivalent to the Salvation Army, seeking to rescue those in the most need. Those touched by this Full Moon must be careful however, that their saving doesn’t turn into a savior complex. When this aspect warps, it warps big. At this time we can be the smothered or do the smothering. At the most negative, Moon opposite Ceres can be one of the narcissistic parent who engulfs their child to the extent that the child doesn’t even realize she is being abused.
Sun quincunx Pluto puts a quirky slant on Plutonian sexuality, but sometimes it can be downright kinky. Its strength comes from playing the lovable freak card. But those touched by this Full Moon could get quite obsessive in their need to be themselves at all costs. The collective mood at this Full Moon is one where one is are apt to play the fool and act rebelliously because it is empowering in a world were we feel disenfranchised. I’m thinking of 4Chan memes and such.

The Irritation triangle:

“This figure needs constant movement and stimulating activity. The energies stored in it are looking for a way to resolve the state of opposing forces, the blockage of energy flow and the rigid attitude they produce….the liberation of tension is a desperate longing. Sudden bursts of anger can arise as a reaction to external pressures. The defensive behavior does not last long, though, it is over quickly and forgotten again.”[4]

Full Moon June 2017 Summary

Full Moons tend to make us purge and release things from our lives, so we need to make sure that we are in control of this and no one is forcing our hand! Sometimes we can let go of things that we regret later, due to heightened emotions and impulsive reactions. The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our lunar demons. In this Full Moon the shadow is extra dark with the stark shaft of light from the irritation triangle shining on Sun conjunct Ceres.

This Full Moon wound could show up where we have felt scarred, betrayed or tainted. The wound could come from family scandals, a problem with inheritance or an undesirable ancestral trait. On the other hand, having an overly-cosseted childhood can leave one ill-equipped to deal with the gritty reality of the outside world. The modern day demand for ‘safe spaces’ is a good example of how wrapping people up in cotton wool can diminish emotional robustness.

1 Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.333.
2. The Fixed stars & Constellations in Astrology. Vivian Robson. pg 199
3. 36 Faces. Austin Coppock. p.203.
4. Aspect Pattern Astrology. Huber. p.177.

Third New Moon of Spring

Elder Mountain Dreaming

Becca Stadtlander FlowersBy Phoenix of Elder MountainGreetings Dreamers, Artists and Moon Walkers, our third and last new moon of Spring arrives on Thursday, May 25, 2017. I did an oracle for all of us, to remind us to hold the completion of our dreaming for the remainder of spring:

Still your passions and settle your will; all things come when its the right season at the right time. If you wish for a speedy outcome, you will be disappointed. If you do not expect too much from others, you will find gratification. Remember that unbridled ambition is repugnant and wishing the world was the way of our “little self” wishes, are the acts of futility. We try practice content at whatever stage of life we are in and refrain from grasping. It is only a practice my friend until it becomes real (after we have healed everything is…

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Gemini New Moon ~ Astrorisa Moon Forecaster

Written by Iya Olusoga ~ Bisi Ade

May 25, 2017
Gemini New Moon 4° in House 8
Sun in Gemini 4° in House 8
3:44 PM EDT

Planetary Energies
 Moon (Osupa / Yemoja),Sun (Orun / Orunmila, Olofi), Mercury (Esu-Elegbara), Mars (Ogun), Saturn (Obaluaiye), Uranus (Sango), Pluto (Oya), and Venus (Oshun).
 Duality, balance, conflict, reflection, development, effort, business growth, initiative, self control, delays, freedom from anxiety, a sense of purpose, and “knowing whether it’s black or red”.
Welcoming the New Moon (Osupa Titun) of Gemini, the archetype of both Ibeji and Esu. This forecasts runs from May 25th – June 22,2017.
This new moon brings with it expressions related to thought, mental clarity, confusion and discernment. We, for the next 28 days will focus much of our mental attention on forms of personal opportunities and the need to be sure of the best direction to take. It is through our ability to connect to our higher self that clear and sure answers come. This is the moon time to be aware and clear of what and who we are identifying and associating with. It is also a good idea to check one’s natal chart to determine where the signs Cancer, Gemini, Aries, and Aquarius are positioned, and what sign Mars resides in.
Some people will notice they and others are dialoguing a lot about what they want to receive, acquire, or achieve. We’re all thinking-thinking-and thinking some more, “is the glass 1/2 empty or 1/2 full”?
This overthinking or desire to have, can lead us towards impulsive decisions only if we’re not aware of what emotions / desires are triggering the thoughts in our heads.
This is also a moon time of “goading followers and unscrupulous leaders” those in positions of authority may set  false agendas, and each of us must decide if those set agendas  are relevant enough to accept and follow. Unfortunately, some people will be too enthralled to care about relevancy, thus becoming “blind followers.” This example is related to the Uranus expression, thus unexpected changes within our luck and opportunities will be happening. Uranus 26° in Aries in House 7.
The Yoruba say, the oldest Ibeji (twins) is kehinde (the 2nd born), and taiwo (the 1st born) comes to taste the world, then reports back to kehinde, Thus kehinde learns about the good and bitterness of aiye (world) from taiwo, and (kehinde) becomes wiser. We can use that analogy and apply it to the lunar messages for this moon time. We must turn back (inward) towards our higher self, which has learned all the mistakes and techniques which makes it the wiser. Through reconnecting to our higher self , our spiritual self, we also then become the wiser, knowing what “to taste” and if it’s safe to “enter the world.”
During This Moon Time
Gemini Moon / Sagittarius shadow side
Some people will notice a heightened awareness of reasoning happening for them, and others will become aware of the need to pay closer attention to their situation, though it may be challenging to do so. This moon time calls for a balancing between our emotions and our mental skills.
During this moon time creative mental exploration is in overdrive; there’s an enormous amount of Venus energy flowing. Yet this creative Venus/ Oshun is a bit afflicted being semi-square to both Moon and Sun. This means during this time Venus enhances the Uranus in Aries expression of “goading followers and unscrupulous leaders” because this Venus transit lessens some people’s will power.
For others this Venus transit causes internal creative conflicts, those who experience the scrutiny of others may give too much credence to their critics’ opinions, thus lessening their own value regarding their own work and ideas.
During this moon time some will travel more than they’ve previously done for the past 2 months. If we’re not mentally traveling, then there is physical traveling.
During this moon time, laziness can become an all-embracing issue. Due to mental and emotional exhaustion. Others at this time may choose to take a creative time out i.e secluding themselves to paint, draw, do yoga etc.
Others at this time may be drawn to water, having longer bath-shower time, going to the beach or lake, visiting water spas, receiving water massages etc. The mid-heaven (house 10) for this moon time is  14° Cancer, and we will be balancing the elemental energies of both water/ emotions (house 10) and air / mentality (Libra in house 1; sun-moon Gemini in house 8).
During this time some people will also fall in love with love, as they are connecting to another form of ”following” but again their connection is influenced by the position of Cancer. Then there are those who feel inspired to follow a new or once forgotten dream, connecting to the energies of ideas and idealism.
The Sagittarius shadow aspect of this moon time inspires us on some level to inquire or to be ready to discard something. To identify what possibly has left us feeling empty or unsatisfied about something. It compels us to either become courageous or to recognize a need to be mentally courageous and to go after what we want.
Important Dates:
June 3, 2017, Sun 13° Gemini / Moon 4° Libra, pushes our collective consciousness towards clearly understanding our moral positions and to hold firmly to it, though that stance will be challenged. This is a day when many people can lose their direction, their faith, and their moral compass breaks. This day is a day that points towards a “weakening of one’s own Spirit.” This is when the message of being swayed by others (those in authority) reaches its strongest influence. Here we must be careful not to aggressively say what is on our minds without careful deliberation. Rebellious acts aren’t favored, and there’s a strong indication of bad natured people coming into the picture.
June 12, 2017, Sun 21° Gemini, Moon 22° Capricorn, for many this is the date that will determine if what they’ve worked hard to achieve becomes their reality. It’s a date laden with fragility, the scale can tip in either direction, and how well we previously handled the strong Cancer 14° in house 10, the house of vocations, will show its results now. This day can also bring a confusing vibration with it, causing some to place their wants before theirs and other’s needs, thus be ready for someone to ”drop the ball.”
 through this Gemini Moon towards blessings (ire)
1. Eboleri, or rogations for clarity of thought and level-headedness.
2. Receive a personal reading.
3. Check in with the oracle before June 12th regarding any work you’d like to accomplish. Find out if anything, what can be done to maximize your success.
4. Good moon time to focus on resolving legal issues, and to attend to any outstanding legal matters, including completing paperwork.
5. Before striking out on a new path, determine if it is a relevant move.
6. Meditation can bring powerful visions and clarity now. Moon will be in Gemini May 25-26 and part of May 27th.
7. Be mindful what you are thinking and saying, we can manifest much by way of mental and audible energy (thoughts and words of power).
8. Bring emotions under control. Be careful of behaviors of reckless abandonment.
9. When satisfying the wishes of others do so from a position of stern authority aka don’t get suckered.
10. Avoid giving into emotional fear, avoid looking for comfort, and love in the wrong places.
11. Honor your skills, and follow your Ori.
Have a mentally clear, creative, and productive New Moon!