The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.  …  Joseph Campell



I am founder, show host, website and graphics designer for And Then Some Again Productions, which is the umbrella for Oro Expeditions and KDCL Media.

I am a Spiritual Medium and use Tarot cards as one my primary tools in doing readings. For 30 plus years have been doing readings in settings from my living room to truck stops. I tell you what Spirit wants you know for your betterment, not what you think you need to know.

I’ve worked on computers since before there was such a creature as  Windows.

I am an author that writes fiction, non-fiction, verbiage for all our online sites, and have have been publishing my fan fiction on my various sites for 10 years.

I am a Mountain Maryland native, but have spent years spent living in Oklahoma,  Colorado, Texas, Oregon, California, and Arizona. My husband, Oro Cas, and I spent 10 years driving tractor-trailer across the 48 contiguous states.

Oro Cas and I produce and host Internet Radio shows on BlogTalk Radio, video productions on And Then Some Again Productions and Oro Expeditions YouTube Channels.

I am a member of the indigenous tradition of Lucumi, but have spent many years studying indigenous traditions across the world.

I look forward to making many acquaintances on my journey. Thank you for taking the time to stop here.

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One of the many paths I travel can be found here: 

Paula Cas’ Writing Website

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A Few Other Things Oro & I Are Users & Distributors


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5 thoughts on “About”

    1. Your article is a topic I’ve talked about for several years so it’s always good to see it coming to the forefront again. It’s hard to rewrite the programming we receive from birth to adulthood, but it can be done with hard work.


      1. Yes it is hard to find good sources these days and books don’t help much because all they are now a days is just rehashed material and information.

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