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A safe holiday for all creatures …

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Now we are on the countdown to Christmas, many of us will be putting up the tree and decorations over the coming weeks. Your pets may also find this time of year very exciting and even come up with some novel games like “Climb the weird indoor sparkly tree”, “eat the Christmas decorations as fast as you can” and “eat the lovely goodies that our humans thoughtfully left out for us“.

Veterinary practices usually see an increase of poorly pets over the Christmas holidays, with illnesses ranging from stress and tummy upsets to more serious problems such as intestinal blockages and accidental toxin ingestion/poisonings.

I’m sure you will agree that you would much prefer to spend the holiday season celebrating with your family, rather than visiting the veterinary practice; so here are my tips for having pet safe celebrations.

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Druids Bones

Keep your mistletoe out of reach of your dogs and cats during the holidays. If you suspect your pet has ingested mistletoe, contact your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline for treatment recommendations. …


dsc_0005-001 Our Mistletoe Gift

The lay that is no lay calls for a tree

That is no tree, of low yet lofty growth.

When the pale green of autumn casts her leaves

My leaves are freshly tufted on her boughs.

When the wild apple drops her goodly fruit

My All-Heal fruit hangs ripening on her boughs.

Look, the twin temple-posts of green and gold,

The overshadowing lintel stone of white.

For here with white and green and gold I shine –

Graft me upon the King when his sap rises

That I may bloom with him at the years prime,

That I may bind him in his hour of joy.

The fae of frost and ice have arrived here at last; the hedgerows are white with frost, the trees sparkle in the winter sun and Mistletoe hangs in glistening bunches of gold and silver.

We have been very privileged to be…

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