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God(s) ~ secretoftheserpent

By: gserpent


What is a god? Gods are all over the myths world-wide. If you ask me we are all gods and goddesses, but this world is all about you not knowing you are divine. Even for those of you that are “awake” this may come as a surprise. If you have read my previous work you know who I am about to reveal, but at least know you will know where I get my conclusions. This post will mainly be about the monotheistic god, but I will touch on the religions with multiple gods too. Everything in our modern world comes out of Egypt(which goes back to Atlantis) and god(s) is no exception.

Let’s look at the monotheistic religions and their gods. The religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Masonry. Yes I said monotheism and their gods. They have Jehovah, Allah, Adonai, Elohim, El Shaddai, Eli, Eloi, El Elyon, Ehyeh, and let’s not forget Yahweh. Jesus is also considered a god himself. Seems like there is an awful amount of gods in monotheism. Theologians will tell you these are just different names for the same god. Well then your god is not only vengeful and moody, but he has an identity crisis. All of these names go back to versions of the sun and dualism, but the one I found interesting is the one that is unspeakable or unknowing, Yahweh.

Ralph Ellis is the one that uncovered the true identity of this god. If you want to become truly enlightened, read his books. This man is a genius that only comes around once in a few centuries. He is bringing back the true knowledge that has been lost in this world. I am going to mix in some things in that I know to help you better understand why the ancients, mainly Egyptians, thought certain things.

Yahweh comes from the tetragram YHWH, the sacred and unspeakable name of god. In tetragrams and hieroglyphs there were no vowels only consonants, so the translators inserted whatever they thought the vowel should be. That is exactly how scientific translating ancient languages is. Jehovah came from translating YHWH into english and inserting vowels. Then it was decided to go back to YHWH. This is the level of expertise that is controlling the world. That is exactly what religion is for, control. You are about to find out who ” god” is for these patriarchs.  The real funny part is that they don’t realize who they are worshipping.

The first clue to who this god is has to do with bread. Bread symbolizes knowledge, but christian insist they are cannibals and it represents flesh. The last supper was more of sharing secrets than anything else. Breaking of the bread symbolized occult knowledge. Part of that knowledge was that the “all” or “force”, whatever you want to call it, breaks up into individual souls and falls into the body. The bread is the body.  Jesus is giving them the knowledge about how the divine breaks up and falls into the individual bodies, making you. This is why bread represents flesh, but christians have no idea. This ritual was performed in Egypt and it was called Ta-en-aah. I will give you the meaning to this shortly. Catholics perform this ritual with the wafer. This wafer is showing exactly who the true god the patriarchs venerate. The wine is just showing the bloodline of this god and Jesus was of the bloodline through his mother(See His Royal Jesus).

The wafer is representing the moon. This god is also why christians have a Trinity. The Egyptian moon-god was Thoth. I can hear the reader asking “How the hell do we get from Yahweh to Thoth”?. In Egyptian Yah literally means the moon. A very ancient name for Thoth is wait for it………..Yahew! Pronounced Yahoo. Ta-en-aah was the sacrificial bread of the moon-god. In the Koran Mohammed is told the name of your lord is “he who instructed man by pen, he who taught him what he did not know”. All of the patriarch religions go back to Lower Egypt. Thoth was the god with the crane head and pen in hand. Thoth was Hermes in Greece and Mercury in Rome. It is why they say Hermes was thrice great or thrice named. Thoth, Hermes and Mercury is the patriarch Trinity. They have tried to cover this up with father, son and holy ghost. The hebrew word for Jew is Yahewdaiy and it means children of Thoth.

The Egyptians had many gods and goddesses, but the Akhenaton tried to make them venerate one god, the sun. To see Akhenaton’s true identity along with all the other Old Testament characters see Patriarch Pharaohs. All the gods and goddesses of Egypt were aspects of yourself and the cosmos. I always say “Nothing is outside of you”, so they were aspects of yourself. The Egyptians not only venerated the sun, but the power behind it. The power of the cosmos. Science is just now figuring out the power sun controls everything. When you are tuned into this divine power of the sun you reflect it like the moon. This power waxes and wanes in you just like the moon. But if you are giving your power away to a false god outside of you, then you will never realize your true power.

All the Greek gods, Norse gods, Hindu gods and Roman gods are just Egyptian gods repackaged. They took these gods and put them outside of the individual for the laity. While the people with eyes to see and ears to hear knew exactly what was going on. Buddha was the name of the priest that watched over the sacred Benben stone. Alexander the Great created Buddhism on his conquests after learning the secrets in Egypt and being crowned Pharaoh. Most statues of Buddha are Alexander the Great. Jesus’ real name was Manu. To see the truth of the biblical family see His Royal Jesus. Muhammad’s real name was Lothar Schmalfuss. He was a cardinal that had failed to be elected pope. The vatican used him to create Islam. All religion and it’s texts have been amended and adapted to suit the era of the people they want to control. When I hear or see someone saying that all religions are pointing to the truth, I think to myself “Yes they are pointing to control over the masses”.

As I have said before, “We are who we have been waiting for”! Quit the game and the game goes away. Quit being a pawn in this world and start being your own creator. If you don’t rule your world someone else will. Start realizing how much power you actually have and start using it. I know it is a long and lonely road, I have taken it. It has been ingrained in our DNA to want to worship something. To see how this happened read Lemurian Magic. The history that we have been fed is his story, make your own history. Break the walls down.  You are a Goddess or God, start acting like one.

Diviners’ Spotlight On Egun And Then Some…

Egun Diviners Papa NewtSunday, October 13th, 8pm eastern, KDCL Media Welcomes Papa Newt to The Diviners’ Spotlight on Egun And Then Some…

Originally raised in the Catholic faith, Papa Newt began his journey into magic and the occult at the early age of 11. Over the years of being self taught, and many trials and errors, Papa Newt continued his studies and providing services for close family, friends, and those who had learned of the help he has provided.

Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, and a graduate of the Hoodoo Correspondence Course by Catherine Yronwode. Through spirit, Papa Newt strives to help you conjure possibilities.

There will also be the astrology forecast for the week to come, and if the gods of wireless technology are kind, Oro may join us for a short howdy-do from Oregon gold camp.

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Egun And Then Some… Diviner’s Spotlight 07/21 by KDCL Media | Blog Talk Radio

Egun And Then Some… Diviner’s Spotlight 07/21 by KDCL Media | Blog Talk Radio. 8pm edt

Summer Solstice And Supermoon Egun And Then Some…

Egun RunMonroe RKDCL Media in celebration of the Summer Solstice and the last Supermoon of 2013 by presenting Egun And Then Some….Diviners’ Spotlight.

Diviners’ Spotlight allows the talented diviners in the KDCL Media Circle to strut their stuff for our listeners. We have so many talented people in our Circle that we have to sit on our hands to keep from waving to get y’all’s attention.

Sunday’s primary diviner is:

Monroe Rodriguez. Monroe is a multifaceted psychic, medium, spiritualist, healer and diviner. Building upon family psychic gifts, he studied magick, herbalism, comparative religion and various divination systems. Although an initiate of a Congo-derived tradition, Monroe’s spiritual practices stem from Celtic, West African, Arab, Indigenous, Caribbean, and Brazilian ancestral roots. With his spiritual affinity to spirits of the crossroads, Monroe believes that are many solutions to a problem however, efficiency is key to any work.

Sitting in the our second seat Sunday will be KDCL Media host, Miss Paula, a medium using Tarot and Oracle cards as she passes on messages from Spirit.

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A Fun Father’s Day With Egun And Then Some…

Egun RunLanaia 400x3004077th_Victoria_400x300

A Happy and Blessed Father’s Day to all the fathers past, present and future. Sunday, April 16th at 8pm edt, Egun And Then Some… is featuring two very dear friends to Miss Paula and Oro, Author, Lanaia Lee and Voice Man, writer and Internet radio host Viktor Aurelius.

Paradox Five is Author Lanaia Lee’s newest title. Paradox Five, involves five people who go back in time to stop Hitler’s well-hidden grandson from becoming the mirror image of his grandfather in the latter-days.

Viktor Aurelius, the Voice, beautifully recites poetry, and reads stories and monologues. His hypnotic tone will leave you wanting to hear more. Listen to his show, and you shall be enthralled.

Viktor writes, performs and produces many wonderful audio dramas including Lilith’s Children and his most recent venture, Victoria! Empress of the Universe.

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Time Of Celebration

Egun Run Spring is a time for anniversaries at KDCL Media. KDCL Media celebrates three years of broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio, and Candelo’s Corner with Host Candelo Kimbisa is celebrating its second year as part of our line-up.

As part of our celebrations, Miss Paula will hosting readings on Egun And Then Some… on Sunday, April 14th at 8pm edt. On Monday, April 15th at 8pm edt, Tata Candelo will be double teaming with Miss Paula on Candelo’s Corner.

Some changes have been happening to the KDCL Media line-up visit our website at KDCL Media Presents to see what’s brewing.

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Egun And Then Some …

Egun Run

Sunday March 31 at 8pm edt, KDCL Media  presents Oro and Miss Paula for another edition of Egun And Then Some…

Egun…Our Ancestors.

Spirituality and its place in our lives. How the past affects the future. How do we not repeat the mistakes of the past or are we trapped in a perpetual loop of our own making?

We’ll be re-visiting some topics that have reared their heads once again, and take calls from our listeners.

And Then Some… We strive for Enlightenment, Education and Entertainment on a variety of topics including: the environment, rights and freedoms, events around Mountain Maryland, Deep Creek Lake, and the topics you choose when you call the switchboard.

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Messages From Spirit

Miss Paula Promo Pl

Monday, March 4 at 8pm est, on Candelo’s Corner, Host Tata Candelo and KDCL founder and producer Miss Paula team-up for mini readings to bring you messages from the ancestors and nfumbe.

Tata Candelo is a priest of Palo Kimbisa of more than 20 years, and Miss Paula has read Tarot more than 30. This dynamic duo has a combined 50 years experience of divination and conversing with the spirits. Call in and hear your message.

A Great Start To The Week on KDCL Media

Egun Run

An exciting week ahead on KDCL Media starting with Egun And Then Some… on Sunday 8pm est. Miss Paula, Oro Shango, and Tata Candelo Kimbisa will be passing on messages from Egun, Ancestors and Nfumbe to our listeners that call in and raise their hand.

Monday at 8pm est on Candelo’s Corner, Tata Candelo’s special guest will be ConjureMan Ali, a Tata in the Quimbanda tradition and author of a new book at Hadean Press, Santisima Muerte: How to Call and Work with Holy Death and the launch of his new website on the Quimbanda tradition, The House of Quimbanda.

The rest of the week is full of good stuff, too.

Tuesday 8pm est we’re doing a replay of the pilot for a new show, Oro Expeditions And Then Some… Our premier show will be March 5th at 8pm est, and we’ve already got a great guest from one of the expeditions lined up.

Over The Road is our show on Wednesdays at 8pm est. Oro (Sneaky Snake) and Miss Paula (Blue Witch) ran team over the road for 10 years. Oro still trucks while Miss Paula produces radio shows, and we wanted a show about, by and for the over the road driver and their families. Babies are the only thing not delivered by truck.

KDCL Media teams up with The H20 Network on Thursday and Friday. Thursdays at 8pm est After Dark with Miss Paula and Dia Nunez talk about lunar cycles, planetary energy and its effects, crystals, herbs and much more.

Friday at 10am est Miss Paula and Dia pour a little brew out of the Krones’ Kauldron for a little witchy woman back porch conversation. So pour a big ol’ mug of your favorites morning beverage and join us.

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