Easy Candle Protection Spell

The Witch & Walnut

easy candle protection spellEasy Protection Spell work for yourself or someone else. This is a very common request and it’s easy to do on your own. You can pair it up with the Evil Eye Spell that I wrote about here. You can also include simple cleansing baths as well… you can read about that here…

One thing I want to make abundantly clear is that you can never completely eradicate negativity. You can also never fully protect yourself or someone else from all possible harm. If anyone has told you that, its total bullshit. That is not how Mother Nature works.


  1. One white candle or honey bee candle
  2. Dried bay leaves – equal parts
  3. Dried rosemary – equal parts
  4. Black salt – a few good sprinkles
  5. John’s Wort OR Lavender – just a little
  6. Bowl large enough to hold the entire candle
  7. You choice of blessing oil, you can make…

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Witchcraft Altar Water – Recipe Included

Witchcraft Altar Water …

The Witch & Walnut

witchcraft-altar-water.pngHappy Friday! Hope you have all been enjoying the summer weather, or winter weather depending on the hemisphere.

I posted a video on my Altar Salt recipe and one of the items I used in it was a blessing water and a received messages asking what it was. Its an all purpose altar water, same as the salt. I use it for everything. Yes there are specific oils and all that stuff to use and make which I do. But this is a staple, sort of like making bread… you need flour, water, yeast, salt eggs the basics to make it work. This is part of the basics, at least for me.

The water is made up of several different types of waters that have been collected throughout the year. Unfortunately you can’t make this water tonight, but you can start collecting the water you need now and save it…

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My 1st Video Up – Altar Salt Tutorial

By Slavic Witch

The Witch & Walnut

Hi Everyone, I know I talked about maybe starting a YouTube channel, something keeps holding me back. I’m comfortable posting short videos on here so I will just do that for now. This is a big step for me putting a bit more of myself out there, I know it seems silly its just a video on salt. But I followed my instincts and hit the the record button last night. There is no talking, its a fairly straightforward prep.

I prepared a short video of my altar salt prep. You can get the recipe and read more about that here….

I don’t know a thing about video editing, I just hit the record button and did my thing. You will see at the beginning I have a liquid I use for anointing/dressing… that’s my personal blend of all purpose blessing water. You don’t have to use that or make…

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