We are what we repeatedly do. Whether your life is good or bad, it is all from your habits. You are only as good as your habits. Quality of your daily routine is going to be the quality of your life. Witches and Wizards understand that Magic doesn’t just make things magically appear, they know that it is all about our habits.

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Pisces New Moon Crystals

By Krista Mitchell

pisces new moon crystals / krista-mitchell.com

We entered the Pisces new moon phase this morning at 9:12am ET, and I’ve been feeling the energy all day: dreamy, contemplative, quiet

This moon is said to be one of deep healing, guiding us to face our inner darkness, acknowledge our truth, and what we’re willing to let go so that we can move forward in a positive way

This is a time when new projects started will be blessed with beneficence, provided the intentions and goals you set are done so with mindfulness and consciousness about what you’re seeking to (co-) create.

At this time, you may be feeling moody, blue, insightful, drawn inward, or guided to make some healing decisions in your life. It’s best to honor those feelings.

Take time to journal, dream, or deep-dive into issues you’ve been afraid or unwilling to face.

Shadow self healing, acknowledging and addressing your wounded self and psyche, can seem like a daunting task, but it offers the ultimate reward: FREEDOM. Freedom from the same old patterns and mistakes, the negative opinion of yourself, the fear that holds you back, the resentment that keeps you tied down, and the thing that blocks your happiness.

It’s worth it, and the energy of this new moon in Pisces is supporting you in doing that work so that you’re prepared for a massive new change and fresh start coming your way.


  • Pisces: intuition + psychic abilities, liberty, artistic + creative pursuits, sensitivity, empathy, healing, introversion.
  • Chiron: the wounded healer, the gift
  • Mars: initiation, action
  • Jupiter: beneficence, auspiciousness, abundance


  • setting new intentions that feel more in alignment with your true self
  • auspicious timing for new projects
  • becoming more conscious about what you’re cultivating or creating in your life
  • deciding on what you’re ready to let go, so that you can start or receive something better
  • putting firm boundaries in place with yourself and others
  • recognizing what needs to be healed within on a deep level
  • cultivating a greater sense of compassion for yourself and others
  • surrendering the choices or behaviors that are holding you back
  • having the courage to face things that are difficult for you
  • acknowledging your own truth or owning your inner darkness
  • completion
  • taking time out for silence and introspection


Hold and meditate, sleep with, or wear one or more of the following crystals for emotional support, inner guidance, to increase your intuition, deepen your insight, or to generate even more auspicious energy for a new project:

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The 13th Moon & The First New Moon of Spring

Elder Mountain Dreaming @gmail

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain –Blessings beautiful Moon People, Artful Dreamers, Creative Artists, Soulful Dancers, Witches, Wild Women and Men and everyone inbetween. We begin our 13th Moon & the First New Moon of Spring on Saturday, March 17, 2018 and the Spring Equinox, Tuesday, March 20th! Its the season of endings and new beginnings as ‘endings’ and ‘new beginnings’ are equal in the 13th moon cycle. There are three parts in this writing today: 1. The 13th moon writing & the Black Canoe Mythology; 2. Marzanna’s final Spring Equinox Ritual; and 3. Examples of Intentions for this month.

Clear your distractions away today, take a deep yawn and stretch and shake off last years moons, like a wolf who shakes the water off her wintery coat. Accept that its time to embody the next layer of our Moon-Spirit as the 13th moon cycle releases old…

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Freedom From Within

By Kingsley Dennis


The real tragedy of our time lies not so much in the unprecedented external events themselves as in the unprecedented ethical destitution and spiritual infirmity which they glaringly reveal.

Paul Brunton

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Victim Mindset


Being a victim is what 99% of the world’s population loves being. Alan Watts called it being “poor little me”. One will never have control of their life if they play the victim. What is dangerous about this mentality is most don’t know they are doing it. If you are stuck in life or in a certain area of your life, maybe you are playing the victim.

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Virgo Full Moon Crystals: Manifesting Goodness in Your Life

By Krista Mitchell

virgo full moon crystals / krista-mitchell.com

I recently read an article Oprah wrote for her “O” magazine in which she discussed her aversion to small talk, asking how someone could make small talk when “our world is burning”. I was struck by the power and direness of that statement.

If our world is burning, how do we, as lightworkers, respond? Healing each other one person at a time, raising our voices collectively in favor of consciousness, practicing tolerance, compassion and forgiveness, helping where we can, and owning our sh**.

We must face the darkness in the world, but we must also hold space for the light. We have to embrace our own inner shadows, but we must also claim and celebrate our radiance. How or what that looks like depends on you.

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Full Moon ~ Will You Be Seduced by the Sirens’ Songs?

By Brana Mijatovic, Ph.D. Universal Energy Waves

In Greek Mythology, the Sirens were sea creatures who lured sailors into the depths of the sea through their song. Their haunting and beautiful songs were so irresistible that their influence was said to make anyone who heard them lose all ability for rational thinking and acting.
This is what the astrological influences connected with this Full Moon (reaching its peak on Thursday, at 7:51 EST) may make you feel.
While the Full Moon itself is in Virgo, an analytical, rational, and practical sign, the Water Element is so strong and the influence of Neptune so seductive, that it may pull us towards wanting to drown in the ocean of emotions.
Those emotions, mostly arising from the unconscious mind, may take us by surprise. They may play on our deepest fears, bring up our tightly-held illusions, resurrect our negative beliefs and leave us feeling super-sensitive and unsure of which way to go. Given that all this is in play, what we should not rely on is our intuition as it is very likely that any intuitive signals we receive will be distorted.
Instead, we should hold onto what we know is solid, take things one step at a time, have patience and self-discipline.
Do you know what the sailors who survived the seductive siren songs did?
They wore earplugs!
So if you think of the siren songs as your own negative beliefs, which may come up strongly today, tomorrow and on Friday, make sure to use those earplugs and turn your attention to practical things, things that are in your control, small tasks you can do to deal with what is right in front of you.
Crystals that will help with this are Mahogany Obsidian, Ruby (pictured above), Brown Tourmaline (pictured below), Black Agate, and Red Jasper.
Of course, how you experience and go through all this will depend on what your personal balance of Elements is like.
Now imagine if you knew this and if you knew what to do to better prepare yourself ahead of time, based on your personal balance of Elements, for times like these . . .
The Sunday Workshop Crystals, Elements, Ancestors (March 4th3pm to 7pm) in Williamsburg, VA, is designed not only to give you these tools, but also to clear some of the blocks that may show up as illusions, fears, or negative beliefs described above.
To learn more and to register, please go HERE.
Registration closes Friday at noon so I can prepare all the crystals and materials you need!
Hope to see you there!
Till next time, stay happy and healthy!
Brana Mijatovic, Ph.D.

Astrorisa Moon Blast! March 1, 2018 Video



Our 2nd full moon of the year is arriving and we’re continuing our Astrorisa Moon forecast in video. This video includes information on the best power moon dates for fill em up rituals. 
Part II:The full moon forecast w/ reading, and the full moon ceremony are available for moon subscribers.

News, Events and Symbols, Black Moon February 2018


Picture P102Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

Such February does not happen often. About once every 20 years. The last one was in 1999. Then and now February does not have a Full Moon, instead there are two Full Moons in January and March. In this case, it is said that February has a Black Moon.

In some sources Black Moon February is considered as a dark mystical period when the occult power is particularly strong, a month when the most incredible things can happen… when the events look so meaningful… and secrets begin to reveal… Quite possible that is true. And I planned to put the point here since I wanted to write a small post and I saw nothing special in everyday life. But later I realized… that something really went… not as usual.

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The Pendulum Swing


I have had a few questions about the pendulum I speak about in some of my posts. We live in a world of duality. There is an opposite to everything. No matter how hard you try, you can not escape duality. If there was no duality, we would all stagnate. There would be no movement in your life. Ever wonder why the children of a great athlete or performer never become as great as their parents? It’s because they have such an easy life that they stagnate. They have no reason to work as hard as their parents did. As you will see, staying in the far side of the swing, on either side, is detrimental too.

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