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Crystal of the Week: Labradorite – Holistic Experiment

Labradorite, also known as the stone of transformation, is considered one of the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom.

In the workplace, it brings out the best in people, encourages courtesy and full attention to the customer.

This stone protects by creating a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within.

It also protects against the negativity and misfortunes of this world and aligns the physical and ethereal bodies.

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Crystal of the Week: Apophyllite – Holistic Experiment

Apophyllite is a great stone for Reiki healers because it takes the patient into a deeper receptiveness. It also helps move the healer’s ego aside so that transmission of healing energy is purer.

This stone is especially helpful in healing the Spirit and helps abandon pretenses and breaks down reserve, bringing recognition of one’s true Self. It stimulates the pineal gland, which helps one open up to spiritual awakening by infusing the body with high-vibration energy.


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Hematite Spiritual Meaning And Magickal Properties – Thrive On News Free Spirituality Magazine

What Is Hematite Crystal?

Hematite meanings and mysteries what is hematite? Hematite is an ore of iron a pigment mineral coming in colours from silver-grey to reddish-brown. The shape of hematite is a trigonal crystal formation. From the hexagonal crystal family. Hematite the metamorphic rock has soft pulsating magnetic fields pointing in all different directions called a paramagnet (attracted to magnetic energy fields). When heated hematite strengthens and charges its magnetic fields.

Hematite For Healing

Miraculous hematite works its magic through balancing our blood to oxygen rates and levels (chi) generating high-performance life force energy. If sick with high or low blood pressure and or sugar levels, hematite crystal throws out its magnetic pulse towards your body opening your chakras. Transforming worn out cells through blood circulation of small electrical magnetic pulses. Placed in the warm hands of a shaman hematite reacts as if it’s found its long-lost brother. Connecting instantly with a shamans or psychics energy field and intent of magic (more on that later).

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Crystal of the Week: Onyx – Holistic Experiment

In ancient times, Onyx was thought as a demon that was imprisoned in the stone that would awaken at night, creating issues, especially between lovers.

Nowadays, it’s a stone that is used for protection and from dark nights and lonely places, providing strength to its user. As a stone of separation, it banishes old habits and it’s extremely useful when a relationship needs stabilizing or when it has past its time and needs releasing.

Onyx assists in keeping your own counsel and holds memories of what happened to the user and can often be used for psychometry.

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Purposes

On a physical level, it’s often used to promote stamina, vigor, and steadfastness. It helps quell sexual desires and works on issues that involves the bones, bone marrow, blood disorders, and feet. When placed in the stomach of a pregnant woman, it can reduce labor pains and bring an earlier delivery.

It is also believed to aid in ailments such as epilepsy or glaucoma and is known to have powers to rectify damage done to cells. Onyx is often recommended to athletes because it can increase strength, endurance, perseverance, and explosivity, especially if it’s placed on the Solar Plexus.

Emotionally, Onyx is used for promoting wise decisions and self-confidence. It’s centering and helps those who are suffering grief and any overwhelming fear. It alleviates worry, tension, and nervousness and eliminates confusion and nightmares

On a Spiritual level, it balances the ying and yang energy and is effecting in past-life work for healing old injuries and physical trauma that is affecting the present light. It’s connected to to the Base chakra and the Crown chakra and balances total energy along the chakras.

Disclaimer: Crystal of the Week are a spiritual support to healing and are not prescription or healthcare information.

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Crystal of the Week: Bloodstone — Holistic Experiment

Composed of deep green Chalcedony and small dots of Red Jasper, Bloodstone is used to purify and detoxify the body, increase energy and strength, remove blockages, and create a smooth and constant energy flow throughout the body. It’s said that it can help bring love into a difficult situation and help ground any negative energy that surrounds the issue.

This stone can be used to enhance the function of the mind, bringing clarity and understanding to subjects that are unfamiliar to the user. It can help enhance our intuition by stimulating our dreams and can enhance creativity as well as help combat fatigue, irritability, and confusion.

Used as a talisman of good health and long life, it can help cleanse any negative energy as well as purify the blood, detoxify the liver, kidney, and spleen. It’s a wonderful stone that benefits all of the organs and regulates the blood flow.

Often given to children as a talisman against bullies or physical or emotional threats and give them strength when adjusting to new circumstances. It’s used as a good luck charm for athletes, sport competition, or matches. […]

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