Saturn in Aquarius 2020 – 2023

Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix the Elder –On March 19th, we have the Spring Equinox, on March 21st Saturn moves into Aquarius and on March 24th we have the Spring Equinox. This is a triplex change, as we enter the new cycle of Saturn moving out of its own sign of Capricorn where its been at home and business as usual.

Saturn is a stern, restrictive, self disciplined and traditional task master and the parts of our lives that we find value to keep us in line, or the lack of that makes us accountable for where we have not. Saturn is a mature planet, the over thirty to sixty, where the consequences in life are serious.

The sign of Aquarius is electrically charged with “change” the participles and parts of our lives that have become stagnant and need a good shock. So we are dealing here with two great diva’s in…

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