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Rasalhague, The Head of the Snake Charmer

Safety When You Use Herbs.

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Plants have the power to heal…but first, know these basics for safe and effective results.

Humans, like most mammals, have turned to plants for food and medicine since our earliest times. No doubt some of our ancestors suffered the consequences of unfortunate choices along the way.

Most of the herbs sold in the United States are safe when taken in recommended dosage. More than 38 million Americans use herbs each year, yet the majority of calls to Poison Control Centers about plant ingestion have to do with people {usually children} and pets eating the potentially poisonous house and garden plants, not medicinal herbs.

To ensure your experiences with medicinal herbs remain positive without inadvertent mishaps-follow these basic guidelines.

Start with Food Herbs

You can bet on safety when you use herbs as foods-think garlic, ginger, nettles, dandelion greens, shitake mushrooms, burdock root {also called gobo} and rose hips. Culinary herbs-thyme…

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