Rasalhague, The Head of the Snake Charmer

Elder Mountain Dreaming

Collection of Rasalhague writings and Phoenix of Elder Mountain –I have had some very interesting things occur health wise in the past four years that were very hard to self diagnose and hidden from view on a microbiology level, one that can only be revealed to me in my dreams. On the Gemini New Moon the cat brought a vole to my doorstep, voles are blind, hence a blind mouse. So that night, I set my dream intention to see what the health issue was, and asked my inner dreamer to show me a dream. I was quite happy when I was given both cause and the cure. I wrote an article about it here a month ago, but today I wanted to focus on the more esoteric findings of the power behind both our illnesses and our cures, like the blind mouse who was given as a gift…

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