Gatekeeper, the God Portunus

Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix the Elder –When things drop in my lap, my soul tends to fly with them because they fulfill a personal need on my path to stay within awareness. That is the nature of walking a symbolic path, mostly because dreaming is my first language.

Today I wanted to share the God Portunus with you, who is an ancient Roman God and originally an Etruscan Deity who holds the keys of the gates of time. Later, the Roman Portunus was the old prophylactic deity of doorways, harbors and doors. His name is also written as Portumnus.

The Temple of Portunus is one of the most ancient in Rome, dating from the era of the Republic in the first century bce. The Temple is sometimes called the Temple of Fortuna Virilis (‘manly fortune’). He is a youthful god associated with water crossings and seaports. 

The symbols of this deity…

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