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Gandalf freeing Theoden from the grasp of Saruman is an awesome representation of just how much the deceit in this world has a hold of people’s minds. I have said in previous writings that Saruman represented religion, but this Grima character represents the archetypal sycophant, liar, flatterer, and manipulator. So Grima represents religion, politics, media, corporations or any other inauthentic person.

Grima means mask and all of people in the categories I just mentioned wear masks to deceive. The inauthentic person is the worst because they really believe the lies they have been told. That is what the Mardi Gras type masks that are used in plays, operas and worn at celebrations symbolize. The unauthentic person hiding behind their unknown mask. The scene with Gandalf freeing the mind of Theoden is a representation of what happens when someone who wants a free mind is finally shown the truth. I will use religion in this example. Tolkien used the name Saruman because it was very close to Solomon. Keep in mind that religion isn’t the only thing that has a vice on the mind of the masses.

The scene actually starts with the guards taking the weapons of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. Gandalf talks them into letting him keep his walking stick. As they walk toward Theoden, Grima is telling Theoden what he should think. A perfect analogy of how we are brought up in this world. We are told how we should think and act, mainly from religion, most of our life. Then we parrot what we have been taught without even thinking twice. Religion will call you evil, satan or  conjurer if you do not go along. Gandalf stands up to Grima and tells him “I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a witless worm”. Remember that fire is the element of intellect or knowledge. Death is referring to the enlightenment process(see Gandalf and Balrog). Being enlightened he has no more patience for the lies of this world.  Calling him a worm means he is no serpent.

Gandalf goes up to Theoden and tries to release him from the spell. Theoden says “You have no power here Gandalf the Grey”. Gandalf rips his robe off and shows everyone he is Gandalf the White. This is a very important part of the story. On your journey it is said that you meet “The White Goddess of Truth” when you become enlightened. Once you have become enlightened, it’s up to you whether you use it for good or bad. Most truly enlighten people in this world have used it to control others. You can think I am exaggerating about this, but the people you call elites know the true history I revel in my work. Have you heard one word of truth out of any of them? NO!!!! Instead they spew lies and spend millions, if not billions, of dollars looking for some football player’s shirt! Brag about it on the media and the masses are so relieved that this football player got his shirt back. And I’m the crazy one. Saruman tries to tell Gandalf that if he goes Theoden dies. Gandalf went through the wake up process and knows that it feels like you are going to die, but strong minds will make it through. To show that this whole scene is about the mind, Gandalf hits him in the forehead to free him from the poison.

Theoden is released from the spell and he regains his strength. Gandalf tells him to “Breathe the free air again my friend”. This part is playing on what Sigmund Freud said about religion. Religion is the reason why people have the poor little me mindset. People give their power away and believe that some bearded man will take care of them. They rot in the misery of the man-made guilt. Guilt is the worst thing ever invented by religions. It literally cripples people mentally and physically. What is good and bad is not for some bearded man to decide. Good and bad, right and wrong are only in the mind. What one person thinks is good or right, another person thinks is wrong or bad. Theoden is the person that went searching for answers and like most people fell into the trap of religion. His mind was poisoned with lies and guilt. Gandalf frees his mind and he finds his power.
Gandalf giving Theoden his sword is symbolizing he has found the sacred masculine, but to have found the sacred masculine he had to have found the sacred feminine. Eowyn represents the sacred feminine and this is why she was able to kill Sauron(see Rings and Aragorn). In case someone didn’t get that Theoden had found the goddess, the next scene shows him putting Grima on a horse and sending him back to Saruman. The horse has always symbolized the Goddess. They were sending a message to Saruman that the Goddess was now here. This is why Saruman tells Grima “You stink of horse”. Patriarchs do not like the Goddess(horse).

I love Lord of the Rings for so many reasons, but the main one is that Tolkien was trying to show you how powerful you really are. That is what Frodo and the hobbits represent. No matter how small you think you are, you can achieve anything. We have to start realizing that no one is going to save us. No bearded man, no extra-terrestrial, no politician or any other infantile ideology. This mentality of a savior only encourages ignorance, complacency and weakness. It is the reason the world is in the shape its in. Everyone is waiting for someone to come along and fix everything. This will NEVER happen. The outside savior is a sham on so many levels. It is time to grow up. We are who we have been waiting for.

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