Amazon Queen Warrior Penthesilea

Soul Dreamers

Compilation by Phoenix the Elder –Where do you play out the warrioress as a woman in your life? Where have you had to be brave and stand up against projection, shaming, overbearing people in your life? In relationships or standing up for justice and truth in your community, when it comes to women’s issues?

Are you a protectress of maidens, mothers and grandmothers as a spiritual woman? Each woman in today’s world must make a choice to support women or not. And to speak up for herself, leaning to have strict boundaries while on a self healing journey.

Its not appropriate anymore to just be on a social spiritual path or a knowledge spiritual path, those are too flat and meaningless without walking your talk, in today’s world. Women must train both their daughters sons to respect women and people of gendered issues. We live in a time when…

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