The Curious Lives Of Carnivorous Mushrooms (New Video!)



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Moving forward, let’s discuss something that sounds a bit more like science fiction than fact.

Carnivorous mushrooms.

Many people are unaware that fungi have the ability to capture and consume living members of the animal kingdom.  Interestingly, researchers have been studying the topic of carnivorous fungi for over a century.

More than just a quirk of nature, carnivorous fungi represent hundreds of species that commonly inhabit woods, forests, and fields.  They’re so common that, if you’re a fan of wild edible mushrooms, there’s a good chance you’ve eaten a carnivorous species on at least one occasion.

As is my habit, I decided to film a video in celebration of these accomplished hunters and trappers.

If you’re interested in learning more, check it out!


While recently spending some time in sunny San Diego, I had the unique opportunity to visit what is considered to be the rarest pine tree in the United States.  To learn more about this 5-needled, cliff-dwelling species, check out the recent Instagram post!

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-Adam Haritan

Three Levels of Magic


Magic is not for the faint of heart.  There are different levels to Magic.  My techniques in Magic are meant to unlock certain things inside you.  If I write about something you don’t understand it could be for someone who is more advanced in Magic.   The more advanced person will understand what Im writing about and the less advanced person might think Im crazy.  Don’t get lost in your own translation. I have put Magic into 3 categories.  Novice, Intermediate and Ancient.   Some new readers are sending me emails of how my stuff is confusing and a little out there.   I will try to show you how to go up a level in Magic so you can understand.   Just like everything else you can’t jump right in and expect to be an expert.  

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