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Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix –I love trees, especially large pine, cedar, juniper, oak trees and sequoias. The Pines and Cedars are great medicine trees, and I love when I am in a Pine forest or surrounded by cedars of every kind. I don’t know why, its not really something I can explain how good they smell and how good I feel when I am surrounded by them.

Oaks that are very full and big, supplying the world, including humans and animals with fire and warmth, with the building of homes and more. And of course the ancient giants, Sequoias are spectacular ancient trees and remind us how truly small we are in comparison.

These are some of the things that makes my heart feel connected to mother earth. There have been times in ancient cultures and even today where the tree is honored for what it gives us so we can…

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This post will go so deep that some of you will drown in your own emotions.  It will be about the true nature of prayer.  Prayer is not holy work it is wholly work.  We are taught that prayer is talking to a bearded man in the sky.  This is the furthest from the truth.  Ever wonder why your prayers are hardly ever answered?  We are told that god knows what is good for you and if he doesn’t want to give you something or help you with something that is his will.  This is pure madness!  No wonder we are so messed up as a human race.  The key to unlocking prayer is to ‘Know Thyself’.  

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