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Limbitless Solutions is dedicated to empowering confidence in individuals with accessibility limitations. We create personalized, creative, and expressive 3D-printed prosthetics for children with limb differences using electromyographic (EMG) technology. We also create fun and immersive video games to help our bionic kids adapt to their new prosthetic. The video games use the arm’s EMG technology…

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Crystals + Fire Element Magic: Purification & Transformation /

The fire element represents pure, raw power.

There is nothing placid or calm about fire: It is creation and destruction, an energy that operates in extremes.

Anger and action. Passion and lust. The divine spark. The sun. A spiritual purifier and clearer of obstacles. That which transforms all things into something else.

Heat produced by fire has been the key component in alchemy since ancient times. In myth it was stolen by Prometheus from the Gods, and shared with humanity, bringing them out of the darkness of ignorance and suffering. It brings light into the dark, the terrors of the night, and banishes our fear.

As a fire dragon sign in the Chinese zodiac, and a Leo sun with an Aries moon, I know fire well. I sometimes joke that it’s only my Libra ascendant that keeps me from burning the world down (in my time I have had to work on that Highlander temper, lol)!

In my work and purpose, I see myself as a light that’s shining against the darkness. And I will hold.

A colleague once showed me, too, how to sever cords and attachments from the aura with a flame of a candle. And another one taught me how to clear the energy of a space with flame and burning salts (NOT for the faint of heart!).

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The Tears of the Earth: A Hike on Sólheimajökull Glacier — The Druid’s Garden

It was our final day in Iceland before returning back to the US. We so many great experiences visiting this country of beautiful extremes, but more than anything, what we wanted to see on our last day was a glacier. We talked about it, and decided that we should see a glacier, as we might […]

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Raspberry Patties en Surprise — A Hundred Years Ago

I’m always intrigued by hundred-year-old recipes that include drawings of the finished product since such recipes are few and far between. So when I recently came across a drawing of a beautifully presented recipe for a raspberry dessert called Patties en Surprise in a 1919 advertisement for Minute Tapioca, I decided to give it a […]

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