Cicada Totem

Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain– Cicadas are very unique, as they live in retreat and underground for most of their life. They are our longest living insects on earth which means that they are about the longest cycles in your life. Insect totems in general, are about the smaller, more intimate nature of the self and its reflective nature, the  symbolism of the structure (since they are the ones) who keep the earth growing, transforming, decaying and rebirthing. Without them, life would cease to exist.

They have been around for millions of years and are one of the fabrics of life itself on earth. This makes them a symbol of longevity, time, cycles coinciding with nature and the seasons of life. Transferring this to us, it means our cycles of life, our seasons and our nature. Life, death and rebirth become their main association and are highly personal.

Lately I…

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