By Krista Mitchell

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I start every day with my spiritual practice. My students will tell you that I’m big on maintaining a consistent daily energy + spiritual routine, and of course crystals are always a big part of that for me.

Even if it’s just taking five minutes to tune in to myself, center, and connect with my soul or the Universe, those five minutes can initiate a palpable energy shift that can help set up my whole day for the better.

If you’ve been considering ways to integrate crystal energy into your daily life, or for ways to add an energy healing component to your daily spiritual practice, the following morning crystal ritual is easy, quick, and effective.

I do this every morning, and by evening when I reflect back I can see how much it affected how productive, less stressful, creative, and happy my day went in general.


Take a moment first to tune in to how you’re feeling, and then center yourself. A few deep breathes, some stretches, and even some gentle humming or pranayama breathing can help you with this.

Now visualize your day – how you would like it to go, what you have planned, or your intention for the day. See it happening in the most positive way.

Ask your inner self what energy overall you’d like for the day. If you’re going to be at the office, then maybe it will be focus. If you’re doing sales or launching a product, it might be abundance or prosperity. If you’re spending the day with your family, then perhaps you’ll choose joy or harmony.

Choose a crystal based on the vibe you’re feeling on for the day (I have listed some suggestions below) or use your intuition. Place it over your heart chakra or hold it in your receptive (non-dominant) hand.

You’ll need to be in a receptive state, so either meditate, do your prayer work, lay down in savasana, chant, or journal. The more receptive you allow yourself to be, the more the crystal energy will flow into and affect your own.

Five minutes minimum is all you need, though you can do this for as long as your schedule and spirit allows. The crystal energy will be in your system and will have attuned the frequency of your aura to the vibration you were seeking.


morning ritual crystals / krista-mitchell.com

Abundance consciousness: green garnet or green aventurine

Confidence: aragonite star cluster

Divine inspiration + creativity: moonstone and citrine

Focus: fluorite

Intuition: amethyst

Joy: citrine and ocean jasper

Loving kindness: cobalto and mangano calcite

Love vibes: rhondonite + garnet

Money + ambition: pyrite

Peace: selenite

Protection: black tourmaline

Crystal blessings for your day!


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