Deadly Nightshade VS Bittersweet Nightshade

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deadly nightshadevsbittersweet nightshadeI often find that these two nightshade plants are getting called just deadly nightshade interchangeably. Although both are from the nightshade family, they are two very different plants. One is an invasive vine that produces small purple star shaped flowers with 5 petals and an yellow beak-like center. The petals start to fold back and give way to a cluster of small red berries. The other nightshade is a shorter plant that produces long bell-like flowers and the color can vary from shades of blue, purple and a shade of pink-ish I would say. After the bloom, one decent sized almost black colored berry is produced along the stem. Pictured below.

The name “Deadly Nightshade” belongs to the ever famous, and magically poisonous Belladonna (ATROPA BELLADONNA) pictured above.

The other nightshade that is mistakenly also called “deadly nightshade” is actually Bittersweet Nightshade, or Woody Nightshade (SOLANUM DULCAMARA) pictured below.

Both of…

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