Patchouli and Witchcraft

Herbs of Wicca patchouli spiritual meaning. Healing properties and benefits, patchouli oil uses and a love spell. from the green witch Linda Philip. The post Patchouli And Witchcraft appeared first on Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine.

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Scorpio New Moon Crystals: Get Your Spiritual Sexy On!

By Krista Mitchell

Magic alert!

We’re entering one of the most potent times of year, and we’ve got a deep, dark and delicious full moon ushering us in.

Tonight’s Scorpio full moon at 8:58pm ET initiates a phase of transformation, karmic healing, sexuality, and intense emotion.

And then on May 1st we have Beltane, blessed spring festival where fertility, sensuality and the magic of the earthly plane (and of nature spirits and the fae!), are celebrated with fires, feasting, and fun!

This is definitely a time of embodiment, feeling, pleasure, growth, and while it’s a sexy time. The healing we can experience comes from letting go of old, seductive patterns, people, and choices that no longer serves us.

Could you be enjoying your life more?
What’s holding you back from that?
And what do you need to let go, or create, in order to make this a rich life for yourself?

Head on over to my blog to read more about this full moon’s energy and influences, and for crystal suggestions that can help you rock this gorgeous, fecund phase!

And for those of you who celebrate, happy Beltane!

A Beltane Blessing: Recipe for Sacred Herbal Offering Blend — The Druid’s Garden

Offerings to the land, spirits, and/or diety are a common stable in many traditions, druidry being no exception. Many opportunities present themselves and having something you carry with you can be built into your regular druid practice (and kept within, say, a crane bag). Some years ago, I wrote about sustainable offerings and the kinds […]

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This is an intense full moon with energy similar to an eclipse. It is an extremely important time to be mindful of your reactions and to take responsibility for them. If you are triggered in any way, you have an opportunity to look at those deep patterns that may be coming to the surface and work through them with […]

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Visit for more fun gardening ideas at school or at home. Herbs arouse kids’ curiosity and interest because they thoroughly engage the senses. What better motivator for student investigations than plants that feel cool, smell great, and can turn mere tomatoes into pizza sauce? Their life stories, it turns out, are fascinating too. After all, […]

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An herbarium is a collection of dried plants that botanists use for studying, identifying, and classifying plants. Making an herbarium is a great way for kids and their parents to learn about botany and the plants used in herbalism. An herbarium will help you and your child get to know what plants look like, along with […]

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Take a trip outside your door and look down! What do you see? Do you see little plants growing? Perhaps it is one single little dandelion or maybe you have found a whole area of plants growing and thriving. You won’t have to go far to find wild plants! Sometimes wild plants found around homes, […]

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Health Benefits of Barley Water

By Crooked Bear Creek Organics

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Barley water is made from barley, which is believed to be one of the oldest grains in the world. Although it is not a staple of most American diets, there is growing evidence that barley and barley-based foods have a variety of health benefits.

In this article, we look at the evidence behind the many health claims about barley, as well as its nutritional value. We also list steps on how to make barley water at home.

Five potential benefits

The health benefits of barley water include:

1. Fiber Boost

Barley water benefits digestive system

Barley water is an excellent source of fiber, which helps to keep the digestive system healthy.

Many of barley’s health benefits come from it being an excellent source of dietary fiber. Fiber is essential for keeping the digestive system healthy, contributing to healthy bowel movements, and helping people avoid problems such as constipation.

Researchers have linked a diet high in dietary…

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Jewelweed Salve

By Luna Walks Alone

Healing Earth Magick: Crystals + Land Spirits

The easiest way to drive me nuts is to litter in front of me, on any given day, but especially on Earth Day. I can’t stand it, I have to pick the trash up and snidely say to the offender “How about I put this in the garbage for you?!!”

And the people who pick up their dog’s poop in a bag, but then toss that bag on the ground and leave it??? @#$%!!! Who ARE those people?!!!!!!

Seriously, how low is that level of consciousness?

While, given all that’s going on in the world, some may say that littering is the least of offenses in comparison, I’m inclined to disagree. It’s the meaning of the action that I find particularly disturbing: If someone literally walked over you and dropped trash on your face, how would you feel? Disrespected. De-valued. Violated. Hurt. Demeaned?

What is it saying about a person’s relationship to the Earth when they do that? To the land they currently occupy. To that which gives and sustains life?

It makes me reflect on my own relationship to the Earth, to the land upon which I stand. When was the last time I actually looked at it, connected with it, realized that I was in a partnership with it?

I’m a gardener, I love to garden, and I have plants all throughout my home, but how often do I pause during my day to recognize the consciousness in the plant beings around me? The symbiotic energy relationship that forms whether I’m aware of it or not?

This is important, because it is healing.

If there are two major things we, as human beings, have pinpointed as powerfully healing and restorative forces in our lives, it’s mindfulness (or presence), and being in nature. 

We have to consciously choose to return to these two things because of the draining nature of the world we have created around, and within, ourselves.

Every plant has a spirit. Every element has a spirit. Every tree has a spirit. Every crystal has a spirit. The the land upon which you stand or occupy has spirits that represent it. The Earth herself has a consciousness, her own divine spirit.

To cultivate a stronger awareness of and relationship to these spirits is healing. It’s like finally recognizing a child or friend who’s been waiting around for you to notice them, to care about them, and becoming in tune with your own need to be a part of them.

Over time and throughout history, a huge rift has been formed between large sections of humanity and nature. A relationship that was once revered has now been abused, forgotten, neglected, and in some sad cases destroyed.

The miracle is that it can be repaired.

I don’t know if we can heal the deleterious effects we’ve had on our planet, but I KNOW FOR SURE that we can heal our relationship to Her, and this goes well beyond clean ups and conservation efforts.

To truly heal the relationship, we have to make an effort to rejoin it, and that means consciously cultivating our relationships to the spirits of the land and nature that surround us.

Click here to learn how to connect and communicate with the land spirits around you using crystals.