Crocus Lore

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GENUS:  Crocus
Species, Hybrids, Cultivars:
Blue; C. biflorus, C. imperati, C. siebert, C. tomasinianus, C. versicolor; yellow: C. aureus, C. chrysanthus, C. korolkowii, C. sulphureus concolor, C. susianus; white: C. fleischeri, C. laevigatus, C. speciosus {fall}. Dutch crocus cultivars-blue: Enchantress, Pickwick, Queen of the Blues, Remembrance, Striped Beauty; white: Jeanne d’Arc, Peter Pan, Snowstorm; yellow: Golden Yellow, Yellow Mammoth.
FAMILY: Iridaceae
BLOOMS: Winter, spring, fall
TYPE: Perennial
DESCRIPTION: A multitude of crocuses are available today in colors ranging from white to blue, purple, and yellow, and with blooming seasons in late winter, early spring, and autumn. The leaves are linear and grasslike; the blossoms cup-shaped and proportionally large. Winter-blooming varieties generally grow to a height of 3 inches. Spring-and fall-blooming species are usually a bit taller, 4 to 5 inches.
CULTIVATION: Crocuses grow from corms, which should be planted 3 to 4 inches deep in early…

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