Virgo Full Moon Crystals: Manifesting Goodness in Your Life

By Krista Mitchell

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I recently read an article Oprah wrote for her “O” magazine in which she discussed her aversion to small talk, asking how someone could make small talk when “our world is burning”. I was struck by the power and direness of that statement.

If our world is burning, how do we, as lightworkers, respond? Healing each other one person at a time, raising our voices collectively in favor of consciousness, practicing tolerance, compassion and forgiveness, helping where we can, and owning our sh**.

We must face the darkness in the world, but we must also hold space for the light. We have to embrace our own inner shadows, but we must also claim and celebrate our radiance. How or what that looks like depends on you.

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Simple Spiritual House Cleansing

The Witch & Walnut

Simple Spiritual House CleansingHello everyone, sorry for the lack of posts we have had some unseasonably warm weather and I have been taking advantage of it. Before the next snow storm hits of course.

We have started doing some refreshing in parts of the house, little cracks here, little cracks there, knicks, bumps, dents and gaps in the trim work from the varying temps all that fun stuff. Easy stuff to do, but more tolerable when the sun is shining, birds are singing and you can crack open the windows a bit.

Every time I do work like this in the house, not only am I feeding the soul of the home by showing it love and respect, but I follow up with a spiritual cleansing and blessing. I also do this outside on my property when I have done a big clean up, kicked up a lot of earth, trimmed things, pulled…

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Full Moon ~ Will You Be Seduced by the Sirens’ Songs?

By Brana Mijatovic, Ph.D. Universal Energy Waves

In Greek Mythology, the Sirens were sea creatures who lured sailors into the depths of the sea through their song. Their haunting and beautiful songs were so irresistible that their influence was said to make anyone who heard them lose all ability for rational thinking and acting.
This is what the astrological influences connected with this Full Moon (reaching its peak on Thursday, at 7:51 EST) may make you feel.
While the Full Moon itself is in Virgo, an analytical, rational, and practical sign, the Water Element is so strong and the influence of Neptune so seductive, that it may pull us towards wanting to drown in the ocean of emotions.
Those emotions, mostly arising from the unconscious mind, may take us by surprise. They may play on our deepest fears, bring up our tightly-held illusions, resurrect our negative beliefs and leave us feeling super-sensitive and unsure of which way to go. Given that all this is in play, what we should not rely on is our intuition as it is very likely that any intuitive signals we receive will be distorted.
Instead, we should hold onto what we know is solid, take things one step at a time, have patience and self-discipline.
Do you know what the sailors who survived the seductive siren songs did?
They wore earplugs!
So if you think of the siren songs as your own negative beliefs, which may come up strongly today, tomorrow and on Friday, make sure to use those earplugs and turn your attention to practical things, things that are in your control, small tasks you can do to deal with what is right in front of you.
Crystals that will help with this are Mahogany Obsidian, Ruby (pictured above), Brown Tourmaline (pictured below), Black Agate, and Red Jasper.
Of course, how you experience and go through all this will depend on what your personal balance of Elements is like.
Now imagine if you knew this and if you knew what to do to better prepare yourself ahead of time, based on your personal balance of Elements, for times like these . . .
The Sunday Workshop Crystals, Elements, Ancestors (March 4th3pm to 7pm) in Williamsburg, VA, is designed not only to give you these tools, but also to clear some of the blocks that may show up as illusions, fears, or negative beliefs described above.
To learn more and to register, please go HERE.
Registration closes Friday at noon so I can prepare all the crystals and materials you need!
Hope to see you there!
Till next time, stay happy and healthy!
Brana Mijatovic, Ph.D.

Our ‘Go To’ Herb: Basil

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Ocimum basilicum

Also, Known As:

  • Arjaka
  • Basil
  • Common Basil
  • French Basil
  • Garden Basil
  • Luole
  • Royal Herb
  • St. Josephwort
  • Sweet Basil
  • Tulsi

The plant known as the basil is an annual herb, which is cultivated worldwide as a flavoring herb in many cuisines. The basil comes in many different varieties, each with its own unique chemical composition and characteristic flavor – the main use of the herb is culinary. The flavor and character of any particular variety of basil are affected to a great extent by many external environmental factors, including factors such as temperature, the type of soil, the geographic location, and even the amount of rainfall received by the individual plant. Morphologically the plant possesses thin branching root which grows out into bushy stems that can reach 1-2 feet in height when fully grown, the stem of the plant bears many leaves which have a characteristic purple hue or…

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Navajo Nation Cancels Plans for Wild Horse Hunt

Straight from the Horse's Heart

story by Hannah Grover as published Daily Times

“The story below is presented unedited so you will see the word ‘feral’ used often.  I do not claim to possess abundant knowledge as to the origins of the horses on Navajo land, but I cringe when I hear that word applied to the wild horses on public lands as they are at the very least,  a reintroduced natural species (fodder for an OpEd, later).  So tighten up, you are about to enter Feral Land.” ~ R.T.

A controversial hunt was aimed at reducing the numbers of feral horses near Teec Nos Pos, Arizona

This Scenario Averted – for the time being

FARMINGTON —  A wild horse hunt aimed at thinning a herd in an Arizona trophy hunt area was abruptly cancelled on Monday as opposition to the hunt grew and a protest was planned.

The tribal government’s natural resource regulators last week issued…

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