Ozark Encyclopedia – M – Moles

Mountain Man Traditional Healing

Mole’s foot for teething – “Another way to make teeth come easier is to give the child a mole’s foot to play with. The old tradition is that it should be the left hind foot, but the big fleshy front paws are the only ones I have actually seen given to babies.” ~Randolph OMF 145 

Mole skin worn for asthma – “Some say that the dried skin of a mole, stuck fast to the chest with honey, will prevent or even cure asthma. I once persuaded one of my neighbors to try this, but it didn’t seem to do him any good.” ~Randolph OMF 155

“Stick a dried skin of a mole to your chest with wild honey and it will cure asthma.” ~Parler FBA II 1425

Mole skin and feet worn against cancer – “Women sometimes wear a mole skin, or the dried foot of a mole, between…

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