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Frosted window with Christmas decoration


Some Yule and Christmas decorations have a special meaning because of their mystical association with the season

We decorate with the symbolic
colors of red ~ green ~ white ~ gold

RED: color that connects us with our Ancestors

GREEN: represents life and eternity

WHITE: newness purity and the new cycle of life

GOLD: solar symbol of the sundividerScents of the Season



I can smell the fragrance of cinnamon clove and orange coming from the kitchen and filling the air around the house

Cinnamon and Clove represent the spices which were given as gifts to the Christ Child by the Wise Men and are associated with Protection and Prosperity

Oranges connect you with the Sun and they are excellent to use in Spells for Love and Good Luck

Bayberry will attract to you Good Fortune into the New Year

Light a Bayberry candle on Christmas night and again on New Year’s Eve night to bring in that Good FortunedividerCHRISTMAS/YULE TREE

The tree is always some type of pine since they remained green during the dead of winter and therefore became a magickal token of the season symbolizing eternal life ~ strength ~ hope ~ promise

Bringing the tree indoors to be adorned with ornaments

As you decorate your tree think of the true meaning of each ornament

Ornaments shaped like Nuts or Fruits represent the coming season of abundance

Angels Stars and Lights are symbols of Heaven and Light

Glass Balls and Witch Balls repel evil

Holly used for Protection

Berries represent Life

Ivy Protection

Mistletoe Love

The greens shaped into a wreath becomes a symbol of Eternity

After enjoying your greenery and after the season is over remove the greens and burn them to cleanse your homedividerSHARE YOUR LIGHT

During this time we share our Light by giving gifts

We are Energy
We are Light
We are Divine

As the days grow colder and the hours of daylight dwindle the Earth becomes barren

Those winter nights are long but it is a time to leave the darkness and move towards the light

A time of wonder comfort and joy

Messages of a Spiritual Path of hope ~ faith ~ giving and sharing to be renewed

Focusing on the orginal reasons for the season

And hopefully this Holiday you’ll be able to decorate your space with feeling and magickal intent with the Symbols of the Seasonwitchs___YULE

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Spiritual Energy Shifts 2017 — Thrive On News Free Spirituality Magazine

Numerology for 2017 = 1

The Energy shifts now in and the coming year of 2017 asks us to prepare for personal and global re-thinking. To finally put to rest false truths about ourselves and world events and to pursue universal truth. The soul, true spirituality along with this is wisdom compassion and caring.

Energy Shifts And Transitions 2017

The Fox and the dolphin play a role in 2017 bringing soft gentle emotions, ones of compassion and faith. The energy festers around  sensual exciting times to pursue love interests, especially those that have a history. Time to have romantic dates and generally feel peaceful. To avoid negative responses this coming new year be clear and voice out loud to others what your intentions are before any action is taken.

We all have our own truth, but is it in line with the universal truth ? Are we in the natural flow of the universe. Is there anything else we can do to break down the walls of lies, ask yourself am I just kidding myself or is this the truth. The 2017 energy shifts of the number one helps us to decipher just that, it reassures us we are following the path we chose for ourselves before entering earth.

The year of nine, 2016 allowed us to reboot our soul knowledge matrix bringing evolution to our spiritual growth, a new found perspective from which to work. This energy shift 2017 marks the end of that reboot and time to use our newly charged and amplified telepathy powers. A coming together of the collective consciousness toward the feminine goodness goddess and love, it has been a long time coming.

Spiritually focused consciousness raising ascension for the people of earth is on its way in 2017. A connection of love for those we have never met and a deep understanding of the needs of the planet will gather in each persons heart. The energy is powerful enough to tip us over into the next dimension of thinking with a positive aim to end wars and aggression and an urgency to help and heal the problems we have caused.

2017 Spiritual Meaning

2017 is not a time for reflection for the future awaits, grasp the abundant overflow of energies pouring from the number one this year by using it to crank up your engine. Get busy and creative keep attuned to moons energy flow, make those changes start that new healthy routine. 2017 will be a time when we refine our good qualities and smooth out our not so good habits, concentrating on ridding ourselves of an unhealthy thought structure.

2017 will be a time when we refine our good qualities and smooth out our not so good habits, concentrating on ridding ourselves of an unhealthy thought structure. Be mindful what you are telling yourself, remember if it is negative you will be opening yourself up to tiredness and sickness. Notice the unhealthy thoughts you’re having, but change them immediately to healthy positive thoughts. Everything we the lightworkers of earth have learnt since the powerful energy shift of 2012 will now be put directly into action in 2017.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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