~ The Magical Use Of Cascarilla ~

While cascarilla is not something you would find among the many supplies of a Wiccan or occult practioner, cascarilla is an important ingredient found among the practioners of Curanderismo, Espiritismo, hoodoo, Palo, Santeria and Vodou as a well known source of protection, tool of invocation, purifications and cleansings. …

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Taking Care Of Your Crystals …

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TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “Winter Solstice 2016: The Dark Night of the Soul”

In the Northern Hemisphere, December 21st marks the Winter Solstice and the dark night of the soul.

Traditionally the Winter Solstice has been a time to honor darkness and to journey deep within to reflect, restore and nourish from the inside out.

Every living being on this planet is a reflection of dark and light.  As beautiful as a rose is when it’s in full bloom, it too still needs to die and wither away into the darkness in order to be reborn.  Just like the petals float away and the bud closes for the winter in order to regenerate, we too follow a similar process.

Nature is always providing us clues as to the cosmic energy around us and where Mother Earth is directing her attention.  By following the rhythms and cycles of the Goddess Mother Earth, we too can bring harmony and equilibrium to our own state of being …

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Crystal of the Week: Bloodstone — Holistic Experiment

Composed of deep green Chalcedony and small dots of Red Jasper, Bloodstone is used to purify and detoxify the body, increase energy and strength, remove blockages, and create a smooth and constant energy flow throughout the body. It’s said that it can help bring love into a difficult situation and help ground any negative energy that surrounds the issue.

This stone can be used to enhance the function of the mind, bringing clarity and understanding to subjects that are unfamiliar to the user. It can help enhance our intuition by stimulating our dreams and can enhance creativity as well as help combat fatigue, irritability, and confusion.

Used as a talisman of good health and long life, it can help cleanse any negative energy as well as purify the blood, detoxify the liver, kidney, and spleen. It’s a wonderful stone that benefits all of the organs and regulates the blood flow.

Often given to children as a talisman against bullies or physical or emotional threats and give them strength when adjusting to new circumstances. It’s used as a good luck charm for athletes, sport competition, or matches. […]

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