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Astrorisa Moon Forecaster ~ The Virgo Full Moon

By Iya Olusoga ~Bisi Ade

Welcome to the full moon of Virgo, and its vibrations spanning 29 days, March 12th – April 10th.
Themes: Finances, actions, plans, business, burning the candle at both ends, treading water, feeling your way, attention to detail, and overworked
This Virgo moon time challenges our collective consciousness to determine how best to maneuver through our experiences and to know when to rest or to push forward. Whatever the case maybe, we’ll have to be careful of over taxing our resources (funds, health, time, etc.) With the sun in Pisces and moon in Virgo (water, mind, and earth), we can feel as though we’re dredging through a marsh. As we’re between solid ground and a large body of water. Which way should we go? To the left near solid ground or to the right near open water? Do we want to walk or swim? Which avenue and experience will get us there quicker? Which ever direction we take, will determine our experiences and impact our destiny.

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