What are Meridians? – Holistic Experiment

by Lucia Santos

Dubbed as the “primo-vascular system” by the scientists at Seoul National University, Meridians are a channel system that carries and distributes qi (energy) and blood. These Meridians work as conduit for energy to organs, endocrines, and body parts. Acupuncture, acupressure, and Reiki work with these meridians to remove any sort of blockage or imbalance in the body.

There are 12 primary paired meridians and two single mid meridians; six of them are yang (which is male and active) and the rest are yin (which are female and passive). The yang meridians run down the body while the yin meridians flow up the body. Each meridian is related to the elements of Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood or Water, which gives us the tools for treating imbalances that come from a lack or surplus of certain channels.

The most interesting fact is that each meridian is extremely active at a certain time of the day or night. For example, from 3AM to 5AM the qi (energy) is flowing through the Lung Meridian and later on enters the Large Intestine Meridian from 5-7Am, and then the Stomach Meridian from 7-9AM. The meridian cycle is continuous as the qi or energy flows throughout the body. If you’re curious about finding out more about the Qi Current, check out this interesting post.

Also, since sickness can happen when there’s a blockage of energy or when the ying and yang balance (also known as the male and female balance) in our bodies is disturbed. These meridians can show how an imbalance in an organ can cause symptoms in a completely different area of the body.

The twelve meridians are named according to their corresponding organs, these include:

  • Three arm yin meridians which focuses on the lungs, pericardium, and heart
  • Three arm yang meridians that focuses on the large intestine, triple burner, and small intestine.
  • Three leg yang meridians which focuses on the stomach, gallbladder, and the bladder
  • Three leg yin meridians that focuses on the spleen, liver, and kidney.

These twelve meridians make up the majority of the Meridian system and are known as the regular or principal channel. As mentioned before, there are various methods that will help balance the body such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Yoga.

Meridians show that the human body is connected to the elements, the energetic structure and flow of energy at a cellular and physical level. It’s also said that Earth has energetic pathways or ley lines that are similar to the meridians in our bodies.

Source: What are Meridians? – Holistic Experiment

Reiki and Palliative Care – Holistic Experiment

By Lucia Santos

Palliative care is a way to improve the quality of life of patients and their families are facing the problems that are often associated with life-threatening illnesses. It provides relief from pain and other distressing symptoms, affirms life and regards dying as a normal process, integrates psychological and spiritual aspects of patient care, and offers a support system to help the patient and their family.

Palliative Care is not the same as hospice, it focuses more broadly on improving life and providing comfort to people of all ages with serious, chronic, and life-threatening illnesses. It can start as soon as the patient is diagnosed with a serious illness, at the same time they continue to pursue a cure. Some patients can recover and move out of palliate care while others can move in and out of palliative care as the need arises.

It’s a holistic alternative that attends to the challenges that the illness poses in every aspect of life. It also extends to family members as well as caregivers. It can help educate family members about the patient’s illness, treatment, and medication; provide care for caregivers; help with transportation issues, meals, and shopping among other things.

Reiki helps assists those who are passing away and preparing to leave the physical plane. It can also be used to help those grieving the loss of loved ones.

It is essential that all Reiki practitioners to examine their beliefs and conduct the research they need to provide evidence for themselves either way so they can be a clear channel. This healing method can help resolve any unfinished business and find resolutions with regard to previous conflict. The sessions can help the recipient have a  peaceful transition.

Reiki and Palliative Care on Animals

Our pets are our family; they are so loyal and take pleasure in helping and bringing joy into our lives. When an animal is dying, Reiki can be used to help not only the animal, but also the family transition with grace and love, honoring the memory and time they had with their cherished pet.

With Reiki, an animal’s symptoms can be eased while providing emotional support. Reiki can help to extend an animal’s life or help them to pass away in peace.

The family may notice that performing Reiki on their beloved animals helps to bring them closet together and communicate more clearly. Reiki can help with any unresolved energy and help heal and balance. By resolving emotional or mental imbalances and releasing any energy that’s not serving its highest good, the animal is free to transition with peace and love.

It’s so important that the family should get Reiki along with their pet. These sessions can help the family be present in order to enjoy the final days with their animals as well as to help them have clarity when making a decision regarding with the welfare of their pet. Helping the family through the grief provides relief for the animal, who might be trying to hold on and prolong their suffering in an effort to help ease the family’s pain.

Source: Reiki and Palliative Care – Holistic Experiment

Visit Miss Paula & KDCL Media At The Blue Star Holistic Expo

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Join Miss Paula of KDCL Media  at the 2nd Annual Blue Star Holistic Expo at the downtown Cumberland, Maryland, Holiday Inn from 10am to 4pm.

Sponsored by Assurance Records and Publishing, publishers of Curtis and Grammy, the Expo features author Robert Harding along with 58 vendors representing many aspects of the holistic and spiritual consciousness community.

Sample everything from organic pet supplies to paranormal investigators at the Blue Star Holistic Expo.


Tata Eoghan Ballard of Gnostic Reiki Visits Candelo’s Corner


Monday, March 25, 8pm edt, Candelo Kimbisa welcomes Tata Eoghan Ballard, PhD to Candelo’s Corner on KDCL Media. 

Gnostic Reiki differs from most Reiki sites, in that while the majority of the systems available through Gnostic Reiki can be used in therapy and for energetic healing, which tends to be the main focus of modern Western Reiki practitioners, our focus is more upon Energy Systems as a path for spiritual development and training.

While many of the systems  we offer are Western or Egyptian in orientation, we also will be offering work in wide variety of African, Asian and Arabic magical systems, including:

  • Angelic energies
  • Djinn & spirit energy work
  • Alchemy
  • Caballa
  • Hindu wisdom & deities
  • Angelic energies
  • Javanese Magic

Of course, we have also been also superbly trained to provide the full suite of Lightarian and Angelic Reiki attunements and traditional Usui Reiki.

Eoghan Ballard has been involved in cultural and spiritual research literally since childhood.

He studied in Ireland, learning traditional culture, music, and language and studying traditional Gaelic spiritual traditions.

Eoghan also studied systems like Tarot, Yoga, Meditation, Golden Dawn, Freemasonry, Umbanda, OTO, and of course Reiki. He was initiated in Cuba as Tata Nganga Dibilongo in several ramas or orders of Palo including Quimbisa, and is a practicing Vodousaint.

He attended Philadelphia College of Art before receiving a BA in English Literature from Temple University, and both a Masters and Doctorate in Folklore and Folklife from the University of Pennsylvania, where he worked for 15 years.

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