Walking With The Ancients

What do you see 3/26/2019

Title: Walking With The Ancients
Summary: In the time of choosing, someone takes a less traveled path.

Feeling the ancient energy that seeped through the stones that formed the beautiful buildings that had been my home since I’d been a babe dropped at the entrance gate like a tithe, I paused in my walk to evening deliberations to fill the triumvirate of body, mind, and soul with the sense of peace that encompassed the compound.

The Superior of the Order had informed my age mates that come the morning deliberations we would participate in a milestone ceremony. I would not be there for I had already participated in what I considered my own private graduation ceremony. Several years back, I had made a discovery many steps down under the compound’s central spire. The remains of a temple so much older than the buildings of the newest God in the world caused me to give an unladylike snort at the hubris of the Order. To build their buildings over the sacred spaces did not always work well for the young upstarts amongst the Gods.

After my discovery, I found myself returning each night after the compound slept to perform deliberations at the temple’s altar. Last night I had received my final lesson. My misty tutors encouraged me to leave this place before I was forced to compromise myself with oaths that would hold little meaning against my new knowledge.

That night, before the extinguishing of the lanterns, I penned a letter thanking the Order for the shelter and education they had provided over the years, though, I considered the years of service I gave the compound more than fair exchange.

The room went dark, and I waited for my eyes to adjust to the half-light, feeling blessed to see the nearly full face of the moon. An auspicious beginning for my new life. Grabbing my pack, I moved quietly through the hallways until I approached the outer door. Not wanting to draw attention by removing the bar from the door, I unlatched the window and slipped quietly into the courtyard illuminated only by the moonlight.

Staying to the shadows, my dark cloak kept me hidden as I concentrated on turning away the attention of any watchers. Reaching my destination of the garden gate, and opening the simple hasp, I was soon outside the compound. My spirit felt so light I nearly levitated down the side of the mountain, I had definitely passed my milestone to begin my next new life.

~ Finis ~

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