How to Regenerate Your Body, Mind, and Soul with the New Moon in Scorpio

Dear all,
The New Moon in Scorpio this Wednesday is one of the best astrological events we’ve had since the beginning of the year!
This New Moon in Scorpio aligns with both Neptune and Pluto in a very harmonious way at the same time when Jupiter (also still in Scorpio) connects to a powerful energetic vortex in Cancer.
This translates into a huge energetic support for those of us who are ready to deeply transform our lives — like the Phoenix — one manifestation of Scorpio energy — rising out of the ashes.
Good things are on the horizon and the more we consciously work with this energy — the stronger the manifestation will be.
So how do we do that?

Step 1
On the day of the New Moon you may start a list of things you are ready to let go of. Yes, I know we usually do this at the Full Moon but with Scorpio energy letting go has to be the first step, even on the New Moon.
Step 2
In meditation with crystals (you can use Clear Phantom Quartz, Clear Topaz, or Labradorite — envision in detail what your life would look like if everything was exactly as you wanted — make sure to address all aspects of your life — from your personal development, finances, family, love relationships, business partnerships, living your highest calling etc . . . and just hold that vision with the utmost faith that it is (somehow) possible
While having faith is generally suggested as one of the most important “ingredients” in any manifestation process, with these astro energies it is essential . . .
Step 3
Find a way to nourish yourself through some sort of deep learning — which could be “unlearning” of old patterns, forgiving old hurts, bringing more love into your life, opening yourself up to partnerships and support, immersing yourself into a magical world that you enjoy . . . Whatever that might be for you it needs to feel like something that you need at the deep soul level!
Step 4
The next day, when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, start making concrete plans and find ways to put your plans into action, by being bold, optimistic, and expansive. Go far beyond what you previously thought was possible.
Events in the Hampton Roads area:
Meditation for Calmness and Joy — tonight (Tuesday) at Body Balance in Williamsburg at 6pm
Throat Chakra Class — Oct 15, 8pm at CadeFit in Yorktown
And a Class on Astro Archetypes in December — date TBD, let me know if you are interested!
It will be about your journey through life according to your Astro Archetypes and will give you a completely different view on your past experiences as well as a map for the future — just in time for the New Year!
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Till then, stay healthy and happy!!
Brana Mijatovic, Ph.D.

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