New Moon In Aries ~ What Needs To Change?

Dear all,
So all of you know by now that the New Moon time is a time to start fresh, but did you know that this energy will be tripled this Sunday?!
The New Moon happens on the same day when Mercury goes direct, it makes a powerful and a rare connection to Uranus, a planet of sudden change, and all three (+ the Sun) are in the sign of new beginnings!
If you have been feeling stuck in any area of your life, now is the time when things will finally start to move and maybe even faster than you’d want them to.
The strong Fire Element will provide the unstoppable energy of renewed excitement and passion, so if that’s what you had needed — you can look forward to it!
You can help it along by actively looking at what is it that you want to changewhile you hold Moldavite, Pietersite, or Blue Tourmaline (listed in order of intensity).
For some this change might be sudden or unexpected and if that is you, you can work with the smoky Quartz and Black Agate to feel more grounded.
The energy this whole weekend is quite supportive of any long-term transformation you want to make, so you can already start doing whatever you feel will move things along.
This is a great time to check out my “Awaken the Queen Within” program, which supports all your goals on a vibrational level so everything becomes easier to do
And I have a quick question for those you who are local:
I am putting together a schedule of crystal workshops for the rest of the year, some of them ones I’ve offered before and some new ones.
What topics would you like to see featured?
As always,
stay happy and healthy!
Brana Mijatovic, Ph.D.

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