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Jewelweed Salve

By Luna Walks Alone

Luna Walks Alone

Disclaimer: This old folk remedy is being shared for informational purposes. As with any home remedy, use common sense if trying it.

Jewelweed is a common plant found in North America. You can find it near creeks and in wooded areas. This gem is a gift of Mother Nature. Often, you will find it near poison ivy. The main use in folk remedies was in treatment of poison ivy, poison oak, and other skin irritations. When a person found themselves exposed to poison ivy, they would look for the jewelweed. The sap inside the stems is a natural remedy for preventing or lessening the poison ivy rash.

To use jewelweed, the stem is cut open and the sap applied to the rash area. Done early enough, it was known to prevent the rash from even occuring. The following is a simple recipe for making a jewelweed salve that can be…

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