News, Events and Symbols, Black Moon February 2018


Picture P102Hello and welcome to astrologic diary here we study the major events of the last month, in astrological terms.

Such February does not happen often. About once every 20 years. The last one was in 1999. Then and now February does not have a Full Moon, instead there are two Full Moons in January and March. In this case, it is said that February has a Black Moon.

In some sources Black Moon February is considered as a dark mystical period when the occult power is particularly strong, a month when the most incredible things can happen… when the events look so meaningful… and secrets begin to reveal… Quite possible that is true. And I planned to put the point here since I wanted to write a small post and I saw nothing special in everyday life. But later I realized… that something really went… not as usual.

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