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Ozark Encyclopedia – H – Hair

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Ozark Healing Traditions

Dog hair for rabies – “‘A hair of the dog that bit you,’ in the Ozarks, does not mean simply a morning shot of whiskey to repair a hangover. People actually do swallow hair from a dog that has bitten them. I once knew a man who was in some doubt as to which of two dogs had bitten his little girl; finally he killed both of the animals, and forced the child to eat a few hairs from each dog’s tail. This man would not admit that he believed such a procedure would prevent rabies. He said that the dogs ought to be killed anyhow, and that the business of swallowing the hairs was a very old custom, and there might be something in it.” ~Randolph OMF 142

Burning cow’s hair to remove a spell – “Some witch masters cure a witched horse or cow by snipping off a…

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