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Secretive Slaughter Summit speakers slither out from under a rock

Straight from the Horse's Heart

The National Horse & Burro Rangeland Management Coalition has released the videos of speakers from the Slaughter Summit that was recently held in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In a video that initially looks like the speaker is a talking hat and beard, we soon see it is actually John Ruhs, who is the Bureau of Land Management’s Nevada State Director and the BLM’s Acting Deputy Director of Operations.  You can watch this video HERE.

  John Ruhs

 Yes, John, there IS something wrong.  The wild horses & burros wouldn’t cost taxpayers “$50 million” a year if the BLM would manage wild horses and burros on the range, and we can save this money and solve this “problem” if the BLM would give back the 22 million acres of federally protected Herd Areas that the BLM took away from the wild horses and burros, (where they were…

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