Water Charms

A great addition to your spiritual toolbox.

Elder Mountain Dreaming @ gmail

The Healing Waters and it’s uses for Spaces, Cleansing and Intentions by Phoenix of Elder Mountain –  As Artists, Healers, Dreamers, Magicians, Witches, Druids and Moon Children, we deserve a clear and clean space spiritually. In our busy lives many do mind-body practices like yoga or meditation to balance our busy life, but there is something missing. These are the emotional body rituals which assist us in feeling calm in a non-physical and non-thought way and one which reconnect us back to ancient times. These are the ‘water’ rites which are a spiritual tradition of our emotional health.

Intense energy from inside the self or from life itself, can energetically let chaos into our personal lives or our living area which can make our home, place of work all statically charged. Even extra feelings of stress when there is not the flow of water. For those who live on a…

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