Auspicious Clouds – 3rd and final Full Moon Eclipse of Summer

Elder Mountain Dreaming @ gmail

Happy Full Moon Dreamers! Our Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius at 25 degrees, which begins on Thursday, August 19, 2016 and lasts for the remaining two week duration of the Leo Moon cycle. It is the time that we ‘let go’ (sacrifice something) of our shadow nature in order to become free from it this moon cycle. Set your one “letting go” intention on the full moon, based on what your New Moon intention was. The fullness has occurred now and all you have to do is let go of what no longer serves your highest good. One “small” letting go.

Ancient Greek Tutt'Art@

This full moon I want to share a teaching on the “howls of healing” … There are two processes in general to heal the self at the core  of all three bodies which are easy in words and thoughts, but very difficult in practices. When we work with healing…

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