Fox Totem & Dream Symbols

Elder Mountain Dreaming @gmail

Fox Listens by JenloFox people and foxes are very unique, they are cunning, instinctual in their feminine physique, quick witted, changeable with the seasons, those soul stares eyes that are piercing or loving with a softer edge. They are also intuitive and energetic (magnetic field) hunters of small animals like shrews, rats and rodents – all mixed together in their bag of trix called magical medicine…

Lifestyle: Foxes are loners and independent types, and as a totem, this means if you see a fox in your  waking life, its a meaningful sign from life to be alone right now  and try to make it a beautiful experience. It can play out many ways, a decision that is yours alone in a relationship or a business decisions or a choice to make about being independent or more independent through your actions.

If you are in the middle of a fallout with a relationship or…

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