Second Full Moon of Summer

Elder Mountain Dreaming @ gmail


We cannot prevent the Birds of Sorrow
from flying over our head, but we can
prevent them from building a Nest
in our Hair.  ~ Chinese Proverb

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain… Hello Dreamers, Artists, Magicians, Witches, Gypsies and Creatives, we now enter the second full moon of summer (July 19th) and continue our “six moon” journey from Spring to Autumn Equinox. Yesterday my apprentice and I went to the ocean beaches near Crescent City, California and three symbols for the full moon surfaced. First I found a nicely worn stick from a pine tree with a pine cone still attached, a magical wand. I also found and brought home 13 large empty crab shells to paint on (Cancer Moon cycles are ruled by the Crab). I also stumbled upon two 15th century antiquity images of an astrological chart which showed Cancer’s symbol as a  Lobster, not a Crab. This…

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