Crystal of the Week: Serpentine

Although it considered a common stone and is often overlooked, Serpentine or New Jade has a strong stone to work with. It is found in places such as New Zealand, China, Afghanistan, South Africa, The United States, and England and it’s associated primarily with the heart chakra.

Serpentine is a useful stone for aiding blockages in any chakras since it clears blocked or stagnant energies and it stimulates the arousal of the Kundalini energies. We’ll be talking more about Kundalini energies later on, so stay tuned!

This stone is known for helping the user understand the spiritual basis of their life and wonderful to help attract or manifest what we want in our lives.

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Crystal of the Week: Obsidian

Obsidian has no crystalline structure and is formed from molten lava that did not have time to form into glass. Often known as a powerful cleanser of psychic smog, it can shield against negativity and was often used as a scrying tool in the past.

As a protective stone, it shields against negativity and absorbs the negative energies from the environment. It is often used to block psychic attacks and negative spiritual influences.

It is often used for spiritual or healing work and it’s a wonderful grounding stone. Obsidian brings clarity to the mind and clears any confusion as well as constricting beliefs, it can also make it absolutely clear in what lies behind any mental distress or disease.

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The Importance of Keeping Balance

In life, especially during these modern times that are a constant go, it’s easy to lose your balance.  But what do we really mean when we seek balance in reference to spirituality?  Balance is often thought of as a midpoint between two opposing forces.  Black and white, hate and love, faith and skepticism.  But life is not broken into a straight line that simply.  Most people assume that finding balance means never venturing too far into one side or the other; remaining in a true neutral.  Others believe it means staying only “in the light” and eschewing everything considered “dark.”  But we believe that neither one of these views is truly balanced.

True neutrality does not exist.  It’s an impossibility, because it assumes that there is some kind of universal “center” that is true for every single person.  But life is much messier than that.  We all experience different things, and even when we experience the same things, we may draw different conclusions from them.  So everyone’s idea of “neutral” is not the same.  And trying to remain only in this imaginary center point deprives you of experience.  In life we all experience highs and lows.  That is part of what makes life amazing; the endless state of change.  That should be embraced.

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Magpie’s Magic Nest

Magpie’s Magic Nest

Positivity, Protection & Psychic Tincture

Magickal tinctures are another form of using the smell of botanicals to help focus intent and energy by stimulating your consciousness through smell. Using different types of herbs and resins can help focus energy for specific intents. They’re also a great way to create simply aromatics for the home, with of course some added magickal stimulus. You can make tinctures for a variety of uses, depending on the herbs you use. Alcohol based tinctures have a longer shelf life, often lasting several years, but tinctures can also be made with glycerine, for bathing spells, and for consumable tinctures you can use vinegar or even honey. Obviously check with your provider and research whether the herbs  you wish to include are consumable …

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Pine Salt Infusion

Salt infusions are handy to keep around, and pine (or cedar*) is one of our favorites to make.  Both salt and pine are well known for their protective and purifying qualities.  But while salt is feminine and earthy, pine is masculine and tied to the air.  Combining these properties brings balance, creating a spell component that is more powerful then the sum of its parts.  And it’s quick and simple to make. …

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Witches Gossip Corner ~ December 19, 2016

Not everyone celebrates the same during the holidays and gift giving varies from culture to culture. If you are looking to help someone’s life progress and know what they are currently struggling with, you cannot fail or tarnish your Karma if you are willing to help another, in fact, you are in turn balancing it. Good deeds are always rewarded three-fold … Read the article at the Source: Witches Gossip Corner ~ December 19, 2016



Taking Care Of Your Crystals …

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