First New Moon of Spring – Elder Mountain Dreaming

Welcome Spring, Louis Janmot (detail) 1845

Monthly Lunar Workstudy with Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Happy new year to Mother Earth and we celebrate the 1st New Moon of Spring. I hope that your three winter moon practices left you a little more grounded, at least enough to commit to another year of lunar intention work. The fresh air returns, so open the windows of your soul and let the rebirth begin. The New Moon starts Monday, March 27, 2017 at 7 degrees Aries.

As a practice, lunar work require that we start looking for our signs and synchronicities about two or three days before the actual new moon. We pay attention and keep a mental note, or write what appears in our dream journal to loosen our psyche. This is the gestation period, a time where our soul is already paying attention to the sounds and feelings of the shifts of the moon, our body and mother earths changes.

The origin of our soul before our birth into this world, when we are still in our mothers womb, senses things outside the womb. These are the dreaming moments of the our soul and our soul has a relationship to the energy of moon cycles and the in-between the waking world and the dreaming world. That is why its important to pay attention during the days just before the new moon.

Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) over winter landscape of northern Canada. Yuichi Takasaka

Now that the three moons of winter are completed, try to keep your intention in the first three New & Full Moons of Spring more simple, because when Summer arrives, the building of emotional energy gets stronger as Summer begins to peak.

In esoteric terms, tarot, astrology, totems, elemental magic or even moon medicine, the beginning of spring, the fool card, or the first house in astrology all mean the same thing symbolically as the first moon of Spring. They all represent our new beginning, our definition of who we are and the embodiment of our soul, whether our soul feels entrapped or free or a bit of both. Its the moon to be alive in the physical world and our physical body, even if we experience these as painful. The beauty of heightened senses, natures sweet smelling flowers, actions and reactions of a fiery life, is like Spring itself, which tells us we are alive.

I have an extra note for Libra people or those with a lot of Libra planets, you will be drawn into other peoples issues this cycle, because there are a lot of Aries planets bunched up. Try not too involve yourself in too much chaos. This moon cycle for everyone else, is to “love and respect” our body, asking our self if you can do that in real terms by settling our worry, eating healthier, reaching for positive ways to work with our emotional stress.

Waterfall Pool, Devon, EnglandThe first spring moon brings forth our ‘actions’ and this moons can be somewhat complicated because Aries rule the independent side of relationship, and Libra at the next full moon, who rules the connective sides of relationship (its opposition). Aries rules support, while Libra exposes inequality.

Our intention this month can focus around these types of personal growth, but not all moons are about growth, some are about balance and in the later seasons of the year, they are about death (letting go). Next September, pull out your Aries intention from this moon cycle and see how its completion looked, six moons from now when the Libra new moon comes. This will show you the ‘result’ and manifestation of the first new moon of Spring and the first new moon of Autumn’s relationship in your particular path.

The moon this month is ruled by the element of Fire and fire in regards to relationships, can either be dramatic (intense) or bring warmth (nurturing and compromising) or a little of both which is balanced. All 3 fire moons of the year, when we apply them to our emotional and soul work, is an art of learning to compromise within balance and still be our unique fiery self. Otherwise too much fire and not enough water, can lead to some very destructive accumulations. Emotions will rise quickly, and for some of you this comes more natural, for others it can knock them over and put them into shock. Either way, we have to really work at it with fire moons.

There is no shame in an underdeveloped relationship to our soul, everyone has this remembrance disease (I call it), but those of us who go to swimming practice everyday. We swim towards this unknown soul, we bring along our towel to dry off our tears, we also bring our fears into this moon work. Eventually find ourselves learning to love and respect our self and liking eventually who we become. Every decade we must change, and depending upon our personal fears, how much we invest holistically to heal them, that is the results we should expect when fear rises again in our life. If we do the work, we keep it flowing and can face any fear.


Attempting to get everything to work out smoothly in our lives is a fantasy and fairy tale, because its based on our ‘expectation’ and that is really never fully successful. Expectation is based on mind principles, which is the basis of study, learn and then apply. But our emotional body and soul body doesn’t work that way, so we must practice letting go of expectations in order to live in the present moment, which can help us ground our disappointments. Practicing acceptance is true magic if we wish our life to progress.

Spring’s Enchanted Dream

Lay awake inside your nightly dream 
and learn to fly above the moonlit stream.
Seek the ancient guardian of the sea

who is only the reflection of you and me.

Cast your wishes and lots upon the stone, as you
seek your
fortunes with a bird’s sharpened knife.
If you should stumble upon the land of trolls
those are the ones who have shaken and
stolen your souls.
But no need to fear, for your treasures are your fate,
find in them, heaven’s fiery gate because dreams
are much more than what they appear.
This Month’s New Moon Intention examples
(choose only one or make up one of your own):

For the newbies: Goals are our relationship to the outer world and Intentions are our relationship to our inner world. Moon work is intentional and inner emotional realities, so we chose one that supports the self. The world then becomes the mirror reflecting our intention.

fall valentino 2015I love myself
I am beautiful
I am healthy
I feel healthy
I am positive
I am strong

I nurture myself
I respect myself
I assert my will to change
I accept me just as I am
I express personal anger with respect

I practice healthy boundaries
I have safe sexual boundaries
I am honest with myself
I express my competitive nature in positive ways

I am healthy in my body
I express my frustrations
I am grounded
I am focused
I am well rested

It takes mother earth no effort to make herself beautiful in spring, she brings it all forth in what seems effortless and gentle, but we humans have a lot to learn to bring our beauty forth! Believe in you!

Happy New Moon Dreamers!

Sources: Welcome Spring, Louis Janmot (detail) 1845; Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) over winter landscape of northern Canada. Yuichi Takasaka; Paper art by Romanian artist and illustrator Andrea Dezsö; Waterfall Pool in Devon, England; Moon and Stars dress by Valentino, 2015.

New Moon Chart March 27 2017

Source: First New Moon of Spring – Elder Mountain Dreaming

Ukraine Ancient Traditions of the Spring Equinox Rites of Vorotar (Gatekeeping) – Elder Mountain Dreaming

Source: Ukraine Ancient Traditions of the Spring Equinox Rites of Vorotar (Gatekeeping) – Elder Mountain Dreaming

autumn slavic

This article is from with my additions, from my Shaman’s perspective and experiences – The Ukrainian Spring Equinox is one of the earth’s oldest ceremonies and it honors the ancestors as a ritual of the beginning of the new year Velykden, when the “Day” (Spring & Summer seasons were called Fire) overcomes the “Night” (Autumn & Winter seasons called Night). Vesnianky-hahilky is also known in Galicia as haïvky, iahilky, hahulky, halahilky, iaholoiky, maivky, and rohulky. Ritual folk songs sung by maidens in conjunction with ritual dances in ancient times on the Spring Equinox.

When religion came to the Slavs, the tradition of Mara (Polish Marzanna) lost its origin and thus the demonology books of churchmen forever changed the once pure spring rites and traditions. Mara then, is a female figure in Ukrainian and other corrupted Slavic folk demonology,  who was believed to assume various forms—animal, plant, ghostly (older shamanic traditions), and inanimate or monstrous females to cause people harm. The name was occasionally used to refer to the devil or to a house demon known as a domovyk. But most shamans understand clearly, that woman’s shamanic traditions were corrupted and how the church rose in power and control.

Long ago these songs and dances were performed in the meadows, highlands, along the rivers, but in modern times they are danced and sung in village streets, churchyard and cemetery. Originally their purpose was to give thanks to the mysterious spirit and forces of mother earth (nature) to provide good relations in the shamanic cultures of women, later in pagan times they were to honor nature who would supply people food and a happy life.

The magical functions of the songs was eventually forgotten but in peoples hearts, even though the magical rites are not performed by the grandmothers and mothers, the maidens still perform the dances and songs. As more female Slavic shamans reawaken to their ancient medicines and rites before paganism the more the magic will return.

ukraine eggs 3The vesnianky season in ancient times opened as a rule with a farewell to winter on the spring equinox, but once the churchmen got involved it took place on Candlemas or at the first sighting of migrating birds. A straw or wooden image of winter called Smert (Death), Mara (Specter), or Kostrub (Slob) was burned or drowned to the singing of vesnianky, and then spring, sometimes personified by a girl in a flower and herb wreath, was welcomed with ritual dances, such as Mosty ‘Bridges’ and Vorotar ‘Gatekeeper’. In prepagan times it would have been the Mothers, not maidens who welcomed spring and the grandmothers were the gatekeepers, always have been and always will be regardless of religions.

The dialogue, ‘O Beautiful Spring, what have you brought us?’ ‘I have brought you summer, a pink flower, winter wheat, and all sorts of fragrant things,’ was sung. In some localities bird-shaped bread was baked and tossed by children into the air to represent birds in flight. Many vesnianky were addressed to birds, groves and forests and trees and flowers, asking them to assist the coming of spring.

The oldest vesnianky are those associated with ritual portrayal of plant growth Mak ‘Poppy’, Proso ‘Millet’, Ohirochky ‘Cucumbers’, Khmil’ ‘Hops’, Khrin ‘Horseradish’, Hrushka ‘Pear’, L’on ‘Flax’) and the behavior of birds (Horobchyk ‘Sparrow’, Soloveiko ‘Nightingale’, Husky ‘Geese’, Kachky ‘Ducks’, Kachuryk ‘Drake’), animals (Vovk ‘Wolf’, Lysytsia ‘Fox’, Zaichyk ‘Bunny’), domestic animals (Baran ‘Ram’, Kozel ‘Goat’), and insects (Zhuk ‘Beetle’).

The simple but moving melodies have a deep rhythmic structure punctuated with frequent exclamations. Ryndzivky, a form of vesnianky, were sung at Easter by young men in the Yavoriv area in Galicia.  In Soviet times, the vesnianky began to disappear after the Revolution of 1917 and all original folk traditions that were passed down by village grandmothers for thousands of years by oral traditions, were completely gone by the end of the regimes of the Nazis and the Soviets including the Genocide of Famine to starve the Ukraine people to death in 1932-33.

Source: Mykola Muchynka is still alive and in 1988 Czechoslovak television filmed Lety mii vinochku (Fly, My Wreath), with screenplay by Mykola Mushynka, based on the Ukrainian vesnianky of the Presov Region of Ukraine. He was born the 20th of February 1936 in Kuriv, Bardejov and is a Ukrainian folklorist. After graduating from Prague University (1959) he completed his graduate studies at Kyiv University and again in Prague in 1967. He worked in the department of Ukrainian studies at the Presov campus of Kosice University (1966–71) and founded and edited Naukovyi zbirnyk Muzeiu ukraïns’koï kul’tury u Svydnyku (1965–70) for the Svydnyk Museum of Ukrainian Culture.

Because of his contacts with Ukrainian dissidents and Ukrainian émigrés he was expelled from his job and forbidden to publish. He was not reinstated in a research position until 1990. He has written over 300 studies, articles, and reviews, mainly on folklore and the culture of Ukrainians in Czechoslovakia. He compiled two anthologies of Ukrainian folklore in Eastern Slovakia (1963 and 1967) and a collection of Folk Songs sung by A. Yabur (1970). Besides a study of the folklore of the Ruthenians of Vojvodina (1976) and biographies of Orest Zilynsky (1983) and Stepan Klochurak (1995).

In Ukraine today most songs and dances are performed by professional and amateur ensembles, but to return the magic, the prehistory ways, the shamanic traditions of Ukraine can be returned by those of true female shaman paths of our birth rite initiations, lead by women in great circles again. Much of this tradition is celebrated in modern times as Kupala at the Summer Solstice which is much more popular for the main stream.


Gandalf Frees Theoden – secretsoftheserpent

By gserpent

Source: Gandalf Frees Theoden – secretsoftheserpent



Gandalf freeing Theoden from the grasp of Saruman is an awesome representation of just how much the deceit in this world has a hold of people’s minds. I have said in previous writings that Saruman represented religion, but this Grima character represents the archetypal sycophant, liar, flatterer, and manipulator. So Grima represents religion, politics, media, corporations or any other inauthentic person.

Grima means mask and all of people in the categories I just mentioned wear masks to deceive. The inauthentic person is the worst because they really believe the lies they have been told. That is what the Mardi Gras type masks that are used in plays, operas and worn at celebrations symbolize. The unauthentic person hiding behind their unknown mask. The scene with Gandalf freeing the mind of Theoden is a representation of what happens when someone who wants a free mind is finally shown the truth. I will use religion in this example. Tolkien used the name Saruman because it was very close to Solomon. Keep in mind that religion isn’t the only thing that has a vice on the mind of the masses.

The scene actually starts with the guards taking the weapons of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. Gandalf talks them into letting him keep his walking stick. As they walk toward Theoden, Grima is telling Theoden what he should think. A perfect analogy of how we are brought up in this world. We are told how we should think and act, mainly from religion, most of our life. Then we parrot what we have been taught without even thinking twice. Religion will call you evil, satan or  conjurer if you do not go along. Gandalf stands up to Grima and tells him “I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a witless worm”. Remember that fire is the element of intellect or knowledge. Death is referring to the enlightenment process(see Gandalf and Balrog). Being enlightened he has no more patience for the lies of this world.  Calling him a worm means he is no serpent.

Gandalf goes up to Theoden and tries to release him from the spell. Theoden says “You have no power here Gandalf the Grey”. Gandalf rips his robe off and shows everyone he is Gandalf the White. This is a very important part of the story. On your journey it is said that you meet “The White Goddess of Truth” when you become enlightened. Once you have become enlightened, it’s up to you whether you use it for good or bad. Most truly enlighten people in this world have used it to control others. You can think I am exaggerating about this, but the people you call elites know the true history I revel in my work. Have you heard one word of truth out of any of them? NO!!!! Instead they spew lies and spend millions, if not billions, of dollars looking for some football player’s shirt! Brag about it on the media and the masses are so relieved that this football player got his shirt back. And I’m the crazy one. Saruman tries to tell Gandalf that if he goes Theoden dies. Gandalf went through the wake up process and knows that it feels like you are going to die, but strong minds will make it through. To show that this whole scene is about the mind, Gandalf hits him in the forehead to free him from the poison.

Theoden is released from the spell and he regains his strength. Gandalf tells him to “Breathe the free air again my friend”. This part is playing on what Sigmund Freud said about religion. Religion is the reason why people have the poor little me mindset. People give their power away and believe that some bearded man will take care of them. They rot in the misery of the man-made guilt. Guilt is the worst thing ever invented by religions. It literally cripples people mentally and physically. What is good and bad is not for some bearded man to decide. Good and bad, right and wrong are only in the mind. What one person thinks is good or right, another person thinks is wrong or bad. Theoden is the person that went searching for answers and like most people fell into the trap of religion. His mind was poisoned with lies and guilt. Gandalf frees his mind and he finds his power.
Gandalf giving Theoden his sword is symbolizing he has found the sacred masculine, but to have found the sacred masculine he had to have found the sacred feminine. Eowyn represents the sacred feminine and this is why she was able to kill Sauron(see Rings and Aragorn). In case someone didn’t get that Theoden had found the goddess, the next scene shows him putting Grima on a horse and sending him back to Saruman. The horse has always symbolized the Goddess. They were sending a message to Saruman that the Goddess was now here. This is why Saruman tells Grima “You stink of horse”. Patriarchs do not like the Goddess(horse).

I love Lord of the Rings for so many reasons, but the main one is that Tolkien was trying to show you how powerful you really are. That is what Frodo and the hobbits represent. No matter how small you think you are, you can achieve anything. We have to start realizing that no one is going to save us. No bearded man, no extra-terrestrial, no politician or any other infantile ideology. This mentality of a savior only encourages ignorance, complacency and weakness. It is the reason the world is in the shape its in. Everyone is waiting for someone to come along and fix everything. This will NEVER happen. The outside savior is a sham on so many levels. It is time to grow up. We are who we have been waiting for.

Happy Eostre – secretsoftheserpent

Source: Happy Eostre – secretsoftheserpent



Eostre(Ostara) is a time to celebrate the vernal equinox. A time when both day and night are equal. A time to celebrate the goddess giving birth. The Holly King is reborn; when Eostre, the Goddess of spring appears in the vines as the ultimate representative of fertility, to present the Eostre egg. It is said that her symbol is a rabbit, an image perceived from the moon and it is the Eostre bunny. It is thought that our Easter celebration comes from Eostre, but she like all goddess come from one special lady in Egypt.

Pagans are right when they say that everything in Christianity was stolen from them, but it was pagan Egypt. What most pagans don’t realize is most of their customs come from Egypt too. If you have followed my work, you know that Egypt was the beginning of it all after the war of the gods. When people left Egypt, whether they were forced out or just left freely, they took all the customs with them. Everything came out of Egypt.

Eostre is a version of Isis. Isis is where we get Easter. In Egyptian Isis is Ast or Est, from which we get Ester or Easter and it refers to the stars or heaven. The hieroglyph for Isis has an egg in it. This is where we get the Easter egg. Isis was a fertility goddess and she was the Queen of Heaven. Where does the easter bunny fit in to all this? Besides being an obvious symbol of fertility the hare was a big symbol in Egypt too. Our ol buddy Osiris, husband of Isis, was sometimes called Un-nefer, and portrayed with the head of a hare. Un-nefer is translated as “the good being” or “beautiful renewl”. The hare in Egypt had to do with Lunar worship, so we are taken back to Thoth once more(See God(s) post). One thing I found very interesting is that Thoth is the god of writing in Egypt. In the Mayan belief it was a hare deity that was the god of writing. The hare in Egypt also had to do with creative energy. If you have read my Magic post, you know sexual and creative energy or the same. That is what the hare is pointing to in certain texts.

Now that you know where this pagan holiday comes from,  celebrate Eostre with an abundant array of spring flowers. In the pagan tradition colored eggs, charged as talismans, are given as presents; curative fires are lit at dawn; seeds are planted for new crops, and homes are spring cleaned. Hot cross buns are baked which tells me this pagan celebration is about 2000 years old or is a Pisces custom. Hot crossed buns is purely a Virgo celebration and Virgo is the opposite sign of Pisces. The opposite sign was just as important to the ancients.  Baskets are woven to celebrate birds making their nests. On a side note, Eostre(Ostara) is where we get the name for the female hormone oestrogen or estrogen.

Happy Eostre/Isis day!


Crystal of the Week: Rutilated Quartz – Holistic Experiment

Rutilated Quartz, also known as Angel’s Hair, is a type of quartz with needle-like rutile in it; they can be reddish, golden, silver, or greenish.  It’s known to be a powerful protector against psychic attacks and helps soothe dark moods and acts as a natural antidepressant.

This stone can be used to break down the barriers to spiritual progress, and to help let go of the past and to forgive on all levels. It’s an energizing stone that helps get energy moving on all levels and can attract love and stabilize relationships.

Rutilated Quartz can help slowed chakras return to normal spin and balanced. It’s often used for meditation, spiritual communications, and dream work. It’s good for seeking higher spiritual experiences and meditation on feminine ideas.

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Purposes […]

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Reiki and Palliative Care – Holistic Experiment

By Lucia Santos

Palliative care is a way to improve the quality of life of patients and their families are facing the problems that are often associated with life-threatening illnesses. It provides relief from pain and other distressing symptoms, affirms life and regards dying as a normal process, integrates psychological and spiritual aspects of patient care, and offers a support system to help the patient and their family.

Palliative Care is not the same as hospice, it focuses more broadly on improving life and providing comfort to people of all ages with serious, chronic, and life-threatening illnesses. It can start as soon as the patient is diagnosed with a serious illness, at the same time they continue to pursue a cure. Some patients can recover and move out of palliate care while others can move in and out of palliative care as the need arises.

It’s a holistic alternative that attends to the challenges that the illness poses in every aspect of life. It also extends to family members as well as caregivers. It can help educate family members about the patient’s illness, treatment, and medication; provide care for caregivers; help with transportation issues, meals, and shopping among other things.

Reiki helps assists those who are passing away and preparing to leave the physical plane. It can also be used to help those grieving the loss of loved ones.

It is essential that all Reiki practitioners to examine their beliefs and conduct the research they need to provide evidence for themselves either way so they can be a clear channel. This healing method can help resolve any unfinished business and find resolutions with regard to previous conflict. The sessions can help the recipient have a  peaceful transition.

Reiki and Palliative Care on Animals

Our pets are our family; they are so loyal and take pleasure in helping and bringing joy into our lives. When an animal is dying, Reiki can be used to help not only the animal, but also the family transition with grace and love, honoring the memory and time they had with their cherished pet.

With Reiki, an animal’s symptoms can be eased while providing emotional support. Reiki can help to extend an animal’s life or help them to pass away in peace.

The family may notice that performing Reiki on their beloved animals helps to bring them closet together and communicate more clearly. Reiki can help with any unresolved energy and help heal and balance. By resolving emotional or mental imbalances and releasing any energy that’s not serving its highest good, the animal is free to transition with peace and love.

It’s so important that the family should get Reiki along with their pet. These sessions can help the family be present in order to enjoy the final days with their animals as well as to help them have clarity when making a decision regarding with the welfare of their pet. Helping the family through the grief provides relief for the animal, who might be trying to hold on and prolong their suffering in an effort to help ease the family’s pain.

Source: Reiki and Palliative Care – Holistic Experiment

Astrorisa Moon Forecaster ~ The Virgo Full Moon

By Iya Olusoga ~Bisi Ade

Welcome to the full moon of Virgo, and its vibrations spanning 29 days, March 12th – April 10th.
Themes: Finances, actions, plans, business, burning the candle at both ends, treading water, feeling your way, attention to detail, and overworked
This Virgo moon time challenges our collective consciousness to determine how best to maneuver through our experiences and to know when to rest or to push forward. Whatever the case maybe, we’ll have to be careful of over taxing our resources (funds, health, time, etc.) With the sun in Pisces and moon in Virgo (water, mind, and earth), we can feel as though we’re dredging through a marsh. As we’re between solid ground and a large body of water. Which way should we go? To the left near solid ground or to the right near open water? Do we want to walk or swim? Which avenue and experience will get us there quicker? Which ever direction we take, will determine our experiences and impact our destiny.

Healing & Balancing Your Chakras – Good Witches Homestead

As a herbalist, I prescribe herbal potions and essential oils to my clients as a complement to our healing sessions and an alternative to medication. Over the years, I’ve watched herbs help treat everything from PTSD to depression, anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, obesity, rage, and more.

After about five years of experience with prescribing herbs, I started learning about medicinal-grade essential oils—what a game changer. I now use essential oils in every acupuncture session, and regularly prescribe them for home care. They’re like topical herbs—distilled from the same plants I’ve been studying and prescribing as herbal remedy tinctures for years. The skin is our largest organ, and our body literally ingests much of what we douse it with. Essential oils work with our fascia (which lies just beneath the skin), so the healing properties of the plants are transmitted throughout our entire body. It’s such a sensual, luxurious way to ingest medicine.

Essential oils are particularly great for treating common chakra imbalances—more below, along with the most effective oils that I frequently rely on:


Our first chakra is our most primal energy vortex of psychic information. It’s the foundation of our chakra system. This red spinning disc resides at the base of our spine and manages our most basic needs: safety, security, trust, fear, pooping, survival, procreation. Located on our lower backs, it governs this area, the large intestine, urinary bladder, and kidneys. […]

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Ouroboros ~ secretsoftheserpent


The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a serpent or dragon eating it’s own tail. It is usually in a circle or lemniscate. I love this symbol. It is my favorite symbol. The Ouroboros can be found in just about every ancient civilization. The word ouroboros is greek and it means ‘tail eater’ or ‘tail devourer’. This symbol shows just how much knowledge has been lost about the ancients. This symbol is basically showing you the secret to your world.

There are several guesses as to the meaning of the Ouroboros, but there is only one meaning to this symbol. I’ve seen that it symbolizes death and rebirth, creation from destruction, life out of death, infinity, circle of life, the milky way, the sun and the alchemical symbol of mercury. I can understand why all these have been given for the meaning of the Ouroboros, but just like so many other things these are only a small piece of the truth.

To really understand the Ouroboros you have to know the true meaning of the serpent or dragon. Most people believe the serpent or snake is a symbol of evil. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but the serpent means wisdom or a wise person. If the serpent was wise, who was Eve talking to in the garden? For the answer to that see Lemurian Magic. In many cultures the snake was feminine. This was not the actual female. This was the feminine side of the mind or the subconscious. The subconscious is where the true wisdom comes from. The dragon symbolizes someone who has mastered all four elements of consciousness(see Dragon). So the first keys to solving this puzzle is that the Ouroboros has to do with wisdom and consciousness. […]

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