By Krista Mitchell

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For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, we’ve now entered the dark time of the wheel of the year. The days are short, cold, and the nights become longer right up to the solstice on December 21st.

The dark time of the wheel of the year is a phase in which healing, releasing, and facing our shadows can become most potent.

North or south, we are currently in a waning moon phase, another powerful time of healing, releasing, banishing, and, the last waning moon phase before the solstice (which, I might add, falls on a full moon!).

In ancient times the solstice marked the beginning of a new year. The sun is “reborn” as it slowly begins to grow stronger, the days increasingly longer and warmer.

It is a time when intentions are set, magic is worked, the sun is celebrated, sacred woods are burned in holy fires, and there is feasting and fun. Life continues on and will gradually return to the land.

Following nature’s calendar, we have the opportunity now to begin preparing ourselves for a better year.

Clear out or release what no longer serves, work through blocks in our psyches and shadow selves, heal old wounds, and make space for our magic and intentions.

It’s a time to honest with ourselves, introspective, and brave.

As such, each week until the solstice I will be posting different crystal healing rituals you can do at this time to support your process.

Here’s the first:


You will need:

  • smudge stick (ie: sage or palo santo)
  • crystals: apache tear, rose quartz, and a selenite stick
  • paper and pen
  • garden or pot of soil.

Timing: between now and before the new moon on Friday, December 7th at 2:20am ET.


  1. Write down everything you got out of that relationship, good and bad, and then what you’ve learned from it, so that you can let it go.
  2. Hold your apache tear in your hands and focus on any residual feelings, pain, energy you feel inside from that relationship. Take a deep breath, and then blow all of that energy out of your body and into the apache tear.
  3. Dig a small hole, tear up your paper, and place the shreds in the hole with the apache tear sitting on top.
  4. Affirm that you are releasing that relationship back to the earth to be transmuted and healed. Cover the hole with soil.
  5. Pass the smudge stick from your head to your feet on all 4 sides of your body to clear your energy (and also your space if you’re doing this inside
  6. Now pass the selenite stick from the top of your head, down all four sides of your aura, and under your feet slowly, focusing on the intention of severing any residual cords or attachments you may have to that person.
  7. Affirm that you are now free.
  8. Hold your rose quartz to your heart, and express sincere gratitude for what you have learned or healed as a result of that relationship.
  9. Repeat out loud three times with sincere feeling and gratitude: “I am enough”.
  10. Wear the rose quartz for 7 days to support you in your healing process, and then clear its energy for closure.

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