Astrorisa Moon Blast ~ Free Taurus Full Moon Report ~ 10/24/2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Time: 12:45 PM~ EDT
Moon 1° Taurus, in House 3
Sun 1° Scorpio, in House 9
Taurus~Oshun Full Moon Forecast 
This moon forecast reading is for 27 days
October 24, 2018 – November 20, 2018 
Taurus full moon forecast
Welcome to the last Gratitude Full Moon Time of the year, it is a Hunter’s Taurus full moon 1°13 accompanied by the Sun in Scorpio 1°13. This moon will be in Taurus until Friday, October 26 2018, 02:45 PM, so we all have until that date to light our Gratitude candles.

This Taurus (Oshun) moon time brings our collective consciousness to a mental and emotional destination where self-discovery and thoughts regarding what is lacking takes place. Many people will recognize a deep darkness maybe forgotten, lurking within their minds and hearts. This darkness pertains to feelings of loss and the remembrance of betrayal. If this is happening to you, don’t allow it to be a bad thing because this is the moon of self-discovery, our primordial feelings which can tear at our soul is awaken to hunt. Not to hunt others but to hunt ourselves, to discover our own secrets of the heart and mind, to expose secrets and reticent truths about what we truly want, how we truly see ourselves. To lay open our emotional wounds, so we can heal, and develop hopefully into a stronger person. The Taurus and Scorpio energy is vibrating at numeric values of 1 and 13, 1 being the I AM, the Newness of Self, and 13 being the Death and Destruction of what no longer serves us. All the while the Spirit of Oshun under the guise of planet Venus, gently guides us through this process if, we allow her to.
Oshun’s planet Venus 4°16′ Я Scorpio, in House 10 lends her energy to our experiences now. We’re being prodded to address all forms of instabilities in our lives. Yes, this is a full moon, but at 1° for Sun and Moon, this is a more personal moon time. We’ll find ourselves checking in on our hearts, minds, and relationships to determine what about them are weak, are lacking organization, and strong management…
Planetary Aspects / Moon Aspects
Sun conjunct Venus brings out the Venus (Oshun) in us all by bringing to light our qualities regarding love, self-love, and attention to personal needs, personal health, our relationships, and our responses to all things ruled by Venus (Oshun). Finances, personal relationships, the pleasures of life, work, laziness, food, health, etc. We’ll be more aware of these areas of our lives at this time.
Moon opposite Venus we’re really feeling a need to satisfy our wants and desires no matter how small or large. This transit is the Respect Me! Transit.
Remember to Perform the Gratitude Ceremony 
and incorporate this month’s Self Love Ceremony

                        Have a Self loving, New You, and Gracious Full Moon Time!

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