By Krista Mitchell

Post-Eclipse Crystal + Akashic Guidance /

Hello everyone! Recovering from that epic full moon eclipse this past week?

Key word seems to be PURGE – a lot of things coming up for people to heal and release.

In turn, this has created clarity, space, and focus on how we lead our lives, which we can now use to co-create a new, different, or better reality!

What’s exciting is that in less than two weeks we have THREE occurrences ushering in energy to support our new paradigms:

Imbolc, from the evening of February 1st – 2nd, is a Goddess festival celebrating the return of the maiden Spring and a blessing of the land. I’ll be writing more about this for you next week!

The new moon in Aquarius on Monday the 4th.

The Lunar New Year (year of the piggie-wiggie!) on the 5th.

BUT FIRST! Before we gallop gaily into fresh pastures, we need to make sure we’re on solid ground.


I received very concise guidance from the Akashic Records: “You must ground the energy of this new year before the next new moon [meaning the one on the 4th].”

WHY? So that all this fresh energy can infuse the foundations we’ve laid and the plans we’ve made, giving them the breath of life they need to begin growing and flourishing.

Note: this is not a pressure tactic, you do not have to make things perfect in order to move forward. Just put in some time and effort this next week to work towards getting clear:

– Clean up your space

– Let things go that no longer serve you

– Get focused on your vision for this year, making a list of goals and then breaking a few of them down into action steps that you can take, or a plan you feel you can realistically follow

I posted this week on Instagram about a few crystals you can wear that will help you as you move through this process:

fluorite /
Fluorite: the higher mind stone, helps with clarity and approaching things from both a creative + logical mindset


blue sapphire /
Blue sapphire: the crystallized manifestation of Saturnine energy – focus, clarity, order, structure, time


carnelian /
Carnelian: zesty, passionate energy, that spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down


sodalite /
Sodalite: to thine own self be true! Self-knowledge, awareness, authenticity


azurite /
Azurite: a vision stone, helps you think outside your old paradigm and see where your soul wishes you to go

And finally, don’t forget to enjoy the process! Showing yourself and your dreams this level of diligence and dedication can feel so positive and rewarding 😊

Blessings to you dear ones!


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