By Krista Mitchell

The full moon lunar eclipse in Leo is exact at 12:16am ET on Monday, January 21st.
The full moon lunar eclipse in Leo is exact at 12:16am ET on Monday, January 21st.

I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to get to this article this week.

I’ve been in my own process of paradigm shifting: contemplating where I am authentically on my path, where I’d like to go, what I’m ready to release, and what I’m ready to embrace. It’s all required a good measure of solitude and quiet.

But I’m happy I managed to get to the page because this is a powerful lunar phase for us all, and I received a beautiful, elegant yet simple crystal ritual in the Akashic records that I wanted to be able to share with you!

First, though, to answer a question I’ve been asked before: Should you put your crystals out under a full moon lunar eclipse?

No. UNLESS you want to capture or record its energy, in which case I would recommend putting out a chosen quartz crystal.

It’s essentially like capturing this full moon lunar eclipse vibes in a bottle. You can work with the quartz whenever you’re doing healing or banishing work that corresponds with this moon’s energy (to read more on that specifically, read this article).


According to my guides in the Akashic Records, the soul-based theme for this phase is releasing fears.

They say that fear has a hold over us that separates us from our radiance. Some fears are healthy, and some are not. There are two kinds of healthy fears: those that guide you away from harm, and those which compel you forward (ie: breaking out of a comfort zone so that you can explore more of your potential).

The other form of fear is insidious, and has crippled humankind. It leads us to harm ourselves, each other, and the world, and keeps us blindfolded by illusion and falsehood.

As this moon signals an ending of karmic lessons, cycles, and old stories, now is time to let go of a fear (or list of fears) that has been keeping you caught up in patterns that no longer serve you.


You will need: paper and pen, quartz crystal, aluminum foil

  1. To release a fear, the guides recommend that you choose at least one that you can identify that is holding you back in your life and that you feel ready to release.
  2. Clear your quartz crystal, and put it outside tonight under the full moon with the intention that it be charged with the moon’s energy. Don’t worry if it’s not in direct moonlight, the key here is to separate it from your own energy and that of anyone else in your home, as well as from your electronics.
  3. Before 24 hours are up (from the time the full moon eclipse went exact), write the fear(s) you are ready to release on a piece of paper.
  4. Gaze into that fear, connect with the feeling, and allow yourself to see how it was holding you back, but also how it might have been trying to serve you.
  5. When you feel ready, the guides recommend reciting the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer or mantra “Ho’oponopono: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”.
  6. Fold your piece of paper around your quartz, and then wrap it in tinfoil (shiny side facing inside). This bonds and encases the energy of your fear with the healing/banishing energy of the moon.
  7. Put it in your freezer. This helps to sever the connection between you and your fear. If you work with runes, you can draw the rune isa and tyr on the foil with your saliva and your dominant index finger. Leave it in the freezer for at least one lunar cycle, or for as long as you feel you need.

My final word on your fear: while I’ve identified 2019 as a year to move boldly forward, it’s ok to baby-step this process by starting with what you consider to be a “small” fear. Righteously glorious rebellions of love have begun with one simple step, one simple no, one simple refusal to obey fear. Just ask the spirit of Rosa Parks. Big love to you!

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