Total Lunar Eclipse — Mixed Blessings

Dear all,

The Total Lunar Eclipse happening Sunday between 9:30 pm and early Monday 1 am is a complex one for several reasons. First, we have several tense aspects building up to it in the next couple of days that will already set the stage for the challenges that this Lunar Eclipse will bring to the forefront.

You know how I always try to find an optimistic angle to these astro events, but I do feel an obligation to let you know to avoid making any sudden changes in your relationships or have any important talks, in the upcoming few days. You will feel that impulse to change things very strongly, but I advise you to write the word ‘patience” on your palm and refer to it often 🙂
Here is the bottom line as to what this Eclipse might bring up — Saturday, Sunday, Monday and beyond,
  • sudden and strong impulses to “resolve” / “dissolve” things
  • dissatisfaction with relationships and your place within them
  • the need to be the center of attention
  • deep cravings for recognition and appreciation
  • wondering whether the effort you put in anything that is important to you is worth it
  • encountering difficulties on your path where you thought it would be smooth
  • unexpected challenges to your emotions and your sense of self
  • feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and frustration
So what can you do?
A lot will depend on how you react to anything that comes up and how conscious you become of your own insecurities and a need for external validation.
You can do the following:
  • seek solitude
  • reflect on what you need and want to change within yourself
  • instead of talking — write, write, write and see if after the Eclipse effects are over you still have the same need to share all that
  • avoid taking any messages you get at that time at face value, wait and see
  • do not work extensively with your Solar Plexus or the Third Eye Chakras, rather focus on your Root, Sacral, and Heart Chakras
  • Use grounding crystals, such as Black Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Black Agate, Dravite, Tibetan Quartz, Tibetan Tektite
  • spend as little time outside as possible
  • have energy work done — this will be the best thing you could do for yourself to clear whatever comes up
For those of you who are local (Hampton Roads, VA), here is a list of upcoming workshops, please click on the link for price and detailed information for each workshop:
Jan 27 — Energy Healing 101
Feb 23 — How to Use Astro-Archetypes to Transform Your Life – Your Personalized Guide for 2019
This is different from anything you will come across, as I look ahead of time at EACH PERSON’s INDIVIDUAL NATAL CHART and prepare individual highly specific handouts for each person and then we do several processes that guide you to connect with them at very deep levels.
Kathy then guides you to develop these visually through the Soul Vision Cards.
This is what creates the most unique transformational experience for you!
This may be the last time I am offering it in this super-specific version, due to the amount of work it involves for me.
Early Bird price is $167 until February 5th. All other details are HERE.
March 23 — Crystals for Women
Hope to see you there! Till then,
Stay happy and healthy!
Brana Mijatovic, Ph.D.

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