By Krista Mitchell

Crystal Fire Ritual /

What are you ready to let go?

As we near the end of the calendar year, this is a big and important question.


Because no matter how this past year went for you (stellar, some hits / some misses, total clunker), this next year represents an opportunity to go bigger and better, achieve more goals, or have a fresh start.

And while many of us focus on what we intend to attract, create or achieve in the new year, not as many contemplate what they’re willing to release in order to create space for their dreams, opening the road to success.

So far in this year-end series we’ve cut cords to past relationships, and unblocked our inner resistance to positive change. Now, we’re ready to release what’s inside that no longer serves, and open the road.

Was there something that blocked you this year? Is there a habit or behavior you’re so ready to quit? Is there are a fear or self-doubt that’s kept you stuck in place?

To be able to look at an obstacle standing in front (or inside) of you, stare it in the eye, and say “I’m moving through you” is fierce. It takes fire. And I can guarantee you that any successful person out there, anyone who’s triumphed on any level in their lives, has summoned this fire.

Fire is a powerful element. We’ve witnessed it’s destructive force this year. It’s also a purifying force, that from which the spirit rises anew like the phoenix. One that can clear through what’s holding us back and clear the path that lies ahead, waiting for us.

In the following ritual we’ll be working with crystals and the fire element for clarity, purification, and to summon our inner fires.

We’ll be releasing what no longer serves, commanding the road to open.


rose quartz heart /
Rose Quartz
black tourmaline /
Black Tourmaline
quartz point /


What you’ll need: matches, a fireproof dish, ceremonial sage, pen + paper, a piece of rose quartz, black tourmaline, and a quartz point. Make sure you’ve cleared your crystals first!

Timing: any time between the new moon (Dec. 7) and the first quarter (Dec. 15th).

The Ritual:

Burn a little bit of sage and let the smoke waft around you and through your space, clearing the energy.

Sit and hold rose quartz (for heart-centeredness) in your receptive hand and black tourmaline (for purification + release) in your dominant hand. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and allow yourself to relax. Sit for at least 5 minutes, focusing on your breath.

Now ask yourself honestly what you are truly, deeply ready to let go. Let the responses float up to you from heart and soul. Write them down on your piece of paper (if you need more than one piece of paper that’s totally fine!).

Once you feel complete, hold your quartz point in your dominant hand and point it at your piece(s) of paper. One item at a time, read through your list and connect with your feelings about each item. As you do, imagine channeling those feelings through the quartz point and onto your paper, clearing the energy from your system.

After you’ve gone through your list, fold your paper(s) once, making the fold away from you as opposed to towards you. This will contain the energy.

Crumple the paper(s) up into a ball and drop it into your fireproof dish. Sprinkle it with some pieces of sage. Light the ball on fire and let it burn down to ashes (please do this either outside or in a well-ventilated area).

Scatter the ashes, and then clap while commanding out loud three times: “Open the Road!!!”

Finish by saying: “The road is now open. My path is clear and unbroken. So mote it be.”

Give thanks to the spirits of fire and earth (crystals, sage), and clear your crystals.


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