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This herbal cough syrup recipe was inspired by formulating with the TASTE of herbs. I wanted to create an effective syrup that encompassed all five of the tastes in Traditional Chinese Medicine (pungent, salty, sour, bitter, and sweet). It’s commonly believed that a meal isn’t complete unless it has all the flavors, so I thought it would be interesting to apply this to an herbal formula as well. While western herbalists don’t often talk about the taste of a plant (although this is slowly beginning to change), classifying herbs by their taste is a major foundation of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, two of the largest and oldest living systems of medicine today. The idea is that, by simply tasting an herb, you can understand the big picture of the ways it could be used. Taste, as well as how you feel after tasting, can also give you insights into…

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Seasonal Yule Wreath

Hedgerow Diary

When you plant something in the ground, feed and water it and tend to it over the seasons, you develop a relationship with that plant/flower/tree.

Then, when you bring a piece of it inside, just glancing at it can transport you back to early spring mornings with a cup of tea and dew on your feet, or late, warm summer evenings, watering the garden, drinking wine or maybe just where you were when you first had the idea of the plant in that space. When you are a gardener, you have a relationship with your plants, and mostly its positive.

The Mahonia in this festive wreath is one of plants left from the garden before. Fred and Lilian, the people who lived in our 1950s semi before us, were gardeners. When my husband moved into the house the garden was overgrown but over the years that have followed we have…

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